Futures Fins Screw Removal

Hi, wondering if someone can help me out. I have a Futures screw that is stuck, with the fin still in the box, and the head of screw stripped. Anyway to get this out? I have their kit, but it basically describes redrilling and rethreading with the screw and fin already out.

Also, where can you get new screws?


Try the next bigger hex wrench. I’ve had the same problem before and this worked. When reinserting the screw put a little oil (even vegetable oil will work) or grease on the screw before inserting.

A mechanic’s easy-out, which is a taper piece of hardened steel with a very steep reverse threan may work just fine. You just have to turn and tap very gently until it takes hold. Some kind of penetrating oil should be put in the hole first and be heated gently before you try to get the screw out. Don’t for things. A little precussion can go a long way to loosen and seized thread.

Mahalo, Rich

Hey Crossen.

I’d first try flushing it out real well with warm water to dissolve any salt cystals that might be locking up the screw. Then give a new key/wrench a try - could be your key is rounded. A new/unused key is at least worth a quick try.

If that doesn’t work, a tip from Lokbox was to use superglue on the tip of the key - locking it into the set screw.

A torx wrench will sometimes work/fit or larger size key as dirthead says. And, of course halycon’s advice - if you don’t have easyouts they’re must have for the tool box.

Getting more invasive: If the metal head of the set screw is sticking out just a little, you could try cutting a slot in it with a dremel (for removal with a regular type screwdriver). You can sometimes use a sharp bladed screwdriver and tap it lightly with hammer to create the same affect.

Save drilling as a very last resort.


Herb B

Thanks for all the replies and advice. Have tried them all, but the screw is really worked over and finally resorted to drilling the screw out and going for the refill/retap.

Strange as I have only surfed the board a handful of times and have never had this problem before. Maybe just a bad screw.

Nothing worse than a bad screw!