Futures Fins Screws

Could anyone out there give me the exact size of the Futures Fins Screws? I lost my original ones and wanted to go to the hardware store and pick up a few more. Thanks

You lost both screws? If not take one out of the other fin and head down. I thought most surf shops carry the screws

Yeah, when I installed the boxes I lost the bag that had the screws in them. Stupid mistake, I know, but I’m trying to fix it.


The use a 10-32 stainless steel set screw that is 7/16th long

anyone know the size of these screws in metric? as in millimeters?

The older boxes use 10-32" screws.  The newer boxes use 10-24" screws.  The newer boxes have the 10-24 imprinted inside the box so you can identify  which ones you have.

No Real point in converting to mm, the thread pitch will be different and they wont work with out churning things up. The -24 or -32 stands for the number of threads per inch if i remember correctly. As you want mm i assume your in europe, i think seabase still carry them www.seabase.eu i think. If not just google it.  

thanks for the help guys!

Hi KJ,

Here’s a pic of what the Future Screw looks like up close.

We’ve got em if you still need em.

Good luck.