Futures Fins (Vector Force)

Reference my previous post, Futures is highly recommending their large vector force foil fin, the VF467 3-2, along with a slightly smaller hatchet-style ( which I’m leary about trying anyhow) center fin, the 450 to solve my speed out of and into turns issues. The rep swears by it, and says that it’s exactly the type of issue these fins were designed to assist.

I’d appreciate it if anyone out there who has expewrience with these fins could chime in…they’re not cheap and obviously Futures would like to sell them, so any input from real users would help.



get glass on fins and you wont turn back.

I use the vector 437’s with the hatchet in my shortboards they range from 5’10" to 6’2". I was more than a little leary of the “hatchet” fin, I tried it on a flat rockered 6’1" hated it and put it away. After a while my rep talked me into trying it again. Lo and behold I love it, very positive off the bottom tons of release off the top, tailslides/boardslides are a breeze. Sounds like you are on the right path… bigger fins.

Good luck

Probably wouldn’t but it’s not an option in this case anyhow…thanks for the help.

Thanks for the reply Pillar…wondering what was it about them on the 6’ 1" you didn’t like? My 6’ 6" is fairly flat in the tail also. Are the 437’s the 3/2 models also, or is that just in the 467’s?..and I’m guessing you’ve got the 425 hatchet with that setup…Futures says at 180lbs. I should be on the 467 3/2’s with the 450 hatchet.

Do you leave the hatchet in for overhead surf…if so, how has that worked?



aloha, i have been riding the vectors for a year now and LOVE them. I am a bigger guy (6’6" 230lbs) and I ride a 6’8" with 3/2 467’s with 450 hatchet.

also works good with the 460’s

I like them

especially the big ones had 4 sets

But I don’t like the hatchet

Of all their models I think these are the best and I’ve tried most of them EAs JCs etc etc

I even ride them on my Gemini quad with 420’s in the rear

I don’t know about real big fast hollow waves though

you might want something more neutral like a standard fin design especilly their glass ones.

Other than that they do generate alot of speed in less than stellar conditions.Especially in turns if that is what you are looking for way more that the FCS FG series which is more of a turner. Tom’s new Redex fins are very similar to the vectors in feel but not as radical in design. I don’t know about the new H2s but heard some good stuff about they’re brand new designs.

In big stuff I prefer glassed on carbon reinforced glass fins…

I didn’t see the other post you’re refering to, so, sorry if this is redundant.

Seeing that you are from the east coast, I think you will love 'em. Now if you were from Hawaii, or surfed really fast and hollow waves most of the time, I wouldn’t recomend them. I would suggest glass-ons or FCS.

Like someone said in a different thread, Vectors work best in slow to medium waves. And most of us surf in less than stellar conditions most of the time. The center hatchet, especially the smaller size compared to your side fins, loosens the board up because of the chopped off rake, decreasing the cluster tip distance, but keeping tip strength from the blunt end that you wouldn’t get from a standard foil. …and some other small details as well. That should help coming out of turns like the rep was talking about.

The bigger fins should have more ‘effect’, but personally, I would size the fins more toward your weight, and how heavily back footed you surf. Bigger guy, bigger board, bigger fins. If you were a smaller guy that power surfs to the max, I would suggest going up a size or two in the Vectors. If your board with Vectors seems a little too stiff, I would suggest sizing down the trailer to loosen it up like you can do with most fin clusters. And visa versa. But you would have to try the bigger fin combos yourself to decide whether what the rep said is true for you, and what combo might work best for you. If you have a buddy with vectors, try swapping fins to get the feel of how the different sizes and combinations feel.

I can’t give you any specific answers, as there are too many board, wave, and human variables to consider.