Futures to FCS

Is there an way to convert a futures fin to an FCS twin tab fin?  Iknow it can be done in reverse, but I’m wonderin if anyone has ever  tried to cut and fill the truss of a Futures to work with FCS?

How are you going to deal with the additional cant?

Just build up the back and grind the front flat. 


I’ve never used futures.  Do the have built in cant?  All of them?  A set amount?

If you left the extra cant in, would it have much of an effect on the boards performance?


Too much cant is terrible.
Too loose, no drive.
I use Proboxes and zero cant inserts, or Zero cant plugs for fins that have too much cant built in.
A long time ago, I cut up Futures fins to use in a different box but I didn't mess with the tabs. I ended up losing one of the fins when I surfed the board. Luckily I used it as a 2 + 1 and didn't affect it like it would a thruster. I think you could easily add more material to the tab.