Futures Vector Force Fins. Puzzled,Mystified,Bamboozled!


We don’t have these fins in the UK yet so I was going to import some from on line. However I am not sure I am understanding what is available correctly.

The Futures Website seems to be suggesting that for every template there is a VFF 0 degree, a VFF 3 degree and a VFF 6 degree, i.e. three different versions. However every website that offers these fins makes no mention of this so I am doubting my interpretation.

I have emailed Futures and recieved no reply.

Please shed some light.


I believe there is only one template that has the 0/3/6 option. I am useing the 3’s now and really like the way my board rides, though my board has a few new experiments on it and I’m not sure if it’s the fins or somehting else. I have had poor success with emailing Futures directly too. If you email the online retailers of Futures fins they would probably be more helpful, seeing as they stand to make a buck from you.


I was a bit worried that I had asked a dumb question with 43 views of my question before an answer. What template are you using and on what board? I am enjoying the JC1 on a 6ft thruster and have ordered the medium flex black tips for a new 6’3" rounded pin.I shall mail all the retailers I can.

Back in early 04 I spoke with someone from Futures who told me to disregard the 0/3/6 degree diagram on the website as it no longer applied. He also said that the website would was being redesigned and woud be up and running “anyday”.

I believe there are jus 3 or 4 vector styles to choose from with maybe the option of a fiberglass model of the same foils as well.

I’m aware of, and have tested three basic Vector models: VF437, VF460, and the 3/2 VF467. The 437 and 460 seem to be just the inside foil (concave) with the 460 being longer. The 467 is the one with the bend near the tip. Each I tried were of their ceramic-type construction. It personally didn’t do anything for me. I’d be open to trying the fiberglass models.

Thanks everyone for the information.

Futures just emailed with this reply


The vector fins are available in three different templates. F4, FJC!, and 467.  The F4, and FJC1 are both 0 degree. The 467 is consider a 3 degree because of the bend and twist.  It's a little confusing but don't mike the degree up with cant.  There will be more templates to come and new fin materials around March 1st.