FYI: Mexi Cops filling Quotas or Pockets

FYI for anyone headed south, a bro just got back from north of Ensenada today, and got pulled twice. First time they said he as speeding (cars were passing him though) and had a weapon when they found a camping knife.

Second cop said he’d made an improper lane change. Had to pay the first one off, told the second the other cops cleaned him out already.

Looks like these guys are looking to do a little christmas shopping on your dime.

I’m stashing the boards in the truck as they shout “Pull me, I’m gringo and have money!” on the roof.

This has been a friendly PSA from

Happy swell.

Your in another country that is very corrupt.It may seem cool the first 50 times down there but 51?

Trust me I still have business friends in TJ and they will speak even worse about the policia there.

This has been a message from a IB,Ca. boy.Herb

it’s a time honored practice-especially this time of year.if a knife blade is longer than your palm is wide-then they consider it a weapon and will confiscate all part of paying your dues i it right? no, but it’s their territory so…

A couple of years ago I went to Peru, and we drove all the way up the Pan Am highway from Punta Hermosa to Chicama (& then back again). Over the coarse of our seven day adventure we were pulled over at least 20 times. Luckily we had paid a Peruvian guide to drive us. Before we left he told us not to worry about the police, and he paid all the bribe money. Every time the police pulled us over he had to shell out a buck or two. I imagine that if we didn’t have him in the car it would have been $10 or $20. One time we got pulled over, and our guide didn’t have any more small change on him. He told the cop that he was out of cash and offered him a half eaten bag of cookies. The cop laughed, took the bag, and let us go.

It happens everywhere…last year I got pulled over in Costa Rica for speeding. At the time I was going uphill behind a truck. They took me for 20 bucks! Next time I’ll make sure I have some smaller bills.

Years ago I was at San Miguel… there was a couple sharing a sleeping bag on the beach, smoking a joint… an old car pulls up and out jump four federales… they arrest the guy and take him back to their car… his girlfriend is freaking out… she pulls out two ten dollar bills and waves them at the car… the federales take the money, open the back door, and let the guy out… they go to start their car to leave, but it won’t start… the guy they just let out opens the hood, wiggles stuff around, and tells them to try the ignition… the car starts… the driver rolls the window down a crack and drops one of the tens out… they drive away.

I’ve seen a lot of trippy stuff down there… be careful