G&S fish

fellow seaweeder picked up a G&S Fish 5’6" and wants to know more about it… any takers?

hi Swordie !!!

does it have anything much written on it ?

any initals anywhere ?

… a number ?

any other dimensions written down ?

how far forward are the fins ?

some of those things may give an indication how long ago it was made …

looks like a fun kneeboard , provided those fins are deep and wide based enough …

Do you have a [ie: side on] rocker profile shot too , please ?

 cheers ! 



cheers swordie for putting this post up

the only markings on the board are in pencil in the stringer on the deck

it says " 5’6" 9082 "

thats all there is , no shapers name or width or thickness

will try and get some more pics sorted out

hi deadly man !

…I can’t quite tell from the photo …

are there twin fin boxes on that ?

“Star fin systems” ??

or are the two fins glassed on ?

[sorry mate …it might be my eyes playing up]


hi chipfish

taken a few more pics but the battery went flat so i will post them in a bit

the fins are in boxes and have a star on them so could be a star fin system - it also say “use padding to avoid cutting yourself when removing the fin” lol



“…the fins are in boxes and have a star on them so could be a star fin system …”

…looking like this ?? [with thanks to Shwuz ! ]

yes, thats the same star symbol , different fixings though

here’s some more pics

thanks for those shots , mate !!

WHERE did you get this board ??

and how does it ride …have you had many surfs on it yet ?

are the twinnies about 12" up from the tail tip ? [ie : to the back base edge of the fins ]

cheers !


I have some old “Surfer” mags with shots of GandS twinnies in them here, somewhere !!

…I will do a swaylocks search first , as I think I may have previously posted those shots … [ either here , and / or at forum.surfermag.com design forum , too ??]

I had an MTB twin with that same system in it. To remove the fins, you smack them from behind and up with some kind of blunt, padded force. On mine, the fins hadn’t been removed for a LOOONG time, so one came out clean and one broke off the little tab that holds the fin in. Bad news, as that is unfixable, and as far as I could determine, unreplaceable. If they haven’t been out for a long time, I would reccomend a little oil to lube up the works for a few hours before trying to take them out… Or just leave them in.

Looks like a fun ride, though! I’d be stoked to paddle that out, if I weighed a few pounds less.

a customer of mine had it knocking around in his garage

i havnt surfed it yet as needs some repair work doing to it

do you have any ideas how old it might be or where it was made

would G&S still have records of their serial numbers

cant give you any more measurements as its now being restored


I would be very interested to hear , if you get in touch with them !

I’m sure they are still around .

A google search , that sort of thing , probably a website , too !

yeah , like I said , I’d be interested to know …

Im a bit surprised that none of the older californian guys here have replied yet ?


hi Shwuz,

If the fin box is an Ofishl brand, you can pick up some extra clips from just about any surfshop that carries Ofishl brand fins. Or go to their website WWW.Ofishl.com . I’ve had to replace many clips in the past and it’s really easy. Usually the shops will just give you a few for free.

They’re called “Z Clips”.

have sent an e-mail to G&S so will let you all know if i get a reply :o)

They were “star system” fins, and there was no parts to replace on the set I had, everything was molded into the shape of the fin… so when the tab busted off, you either glassed it into the box, or went on a (futile, at least for me) search for a replacement fin.

I still should have kept the board, though…

hiya Jarrod !!

…it might be worth having a go at moulding a new base for it , out of epoxy resin , and milled fibre , perhaps ? [where they fibreglass , or polycraponate fins ?]

cheers mate !


Cool little fish. With the fins so far forward would it be set up for knee riding? Mike

…probably !!

what a pity they didn’t have bottom views of these ones in their web site , eh ? [especially those two 1978 twin fin fishs]

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sent an e-mail to G&S and have just got a reply

Martin I’m sorry but we have no records from that far back. I do know that the first fish we built were from 1973 to 1975.I am reasonable sure that your fish would have been built at that time. Larry [indent] ----- Original Message ----- From: woodsy To: larry@gordonandsmith.com Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 9:27 AM Subject: G&S fish

hello i was hoping you might be able to help me out and give me some info on a surfboard i have just bought second hand its a 5’ 6" twin fin swallow tail (fish) and has a serial number of 9082 please if you still keep records of the serial munbers could you tell me anything you can find out about it eg when it was made , who shaped it, where it was sold - i would be so greatful - the board has gone into my ding repairsers for a bit of restoration as the guy i bought it from had just kept it in his garage for years and i am dying to get it out in some waves - i live in UK i have attached a few photos too many thanks in anticipation [/indent]

hi Martin !

I wonder if they had Skip Frye shaping / riding for them then .

At least now I know the rough years we’re looking at , I will try to check out my issues of Surfing and Surfer from the 1973-75 years …


…pretty cool of Larry Gordon to reply eh ?!

An www.oneworldsurf.com ad in LONGBOARD issue #82 says they have Star system replacements.

Their web site however doesn’t seem to confirm that.


But i would call Juan at the contact number provided as he would know where you could get a replacement.

Contacted them recently and they were quick to respond.