G&S longboard at auction

Craigslist post for an estate auction here locally. Two crappy pics of G&S longboard. Any ideas on age from you smart folks?

Thick stringer so maybe legit 60’s board or no?


Looks like a 60s board with opaque glass job. White pigment. One or two photos surely won’t tell the whole story.


That sounds like a fun auction.  No reserve and boxed lots.  In those kinds of auctions it sometimes is a case of early restraint and endurance.  Boxed lots are like Christmas.  The picture doesn’t look 60’s to me.

Looks to me like a Stretch model.

Frye, Hynson (ah) 67?

OK-- found the right pic.  Mid to late 60’s

I’m going to try to attend the auction just for fun… never been to one before. Only interested in the G&S if it is super cheap.

Like $60 -80  cheap.  Also, maybe some cool old tools?

Reminds me of a joke.  A man tells his wife if he were to die,to sell all of his belongings in case she remarries. Say’s he doesn’t want some other asshole using all of his stuff.  She replies ; “what makes you think I’d marry another asshole?”

This looks fun.

Haven’t people scored skil 100s and the like at auctions.

First picture looks like the Charlie Brown Model.

So I went to the auction this morning…  kind of sad seeing a house, garage, etc. full of someone’s stuff all thrown together and for sale. Nothing much interesting.

The longboard was in okay shape, with a handful of damage spots but not overall too bad. Had the number 10310 on the stringer. Probably 9’6" ?   glass on fin with a good “rake” to it. No leash plug, And a squared off blunt nose.  No Skil 100 unfortunately.

Longboard was item #147.  I stayed around for the beginning of the auction… Number 1- 12 took about 25 minutes so I figured a couple hours at least until #147. And there were a few  gray hair pony-tailed with a hundred surf stickers on their mini-van types hanging around… so I knew they would be spending more than me… I bailed home and started drinking beer!

 Happy Saturday Swalocks!!

Shame…that board looks like it would clean up nicely… just looks like a few black skidmarks on it, the foam is nice and white too.   High density red foam stringer sandwiched between to red wood stringers.   If so, it would have been a killer grab at almost any price…Whish  i was there to stick around.


That would make it a G and S “Stretch” model, and date it some time around 1966-67. I’d be curious  what it sold for.