G&S Shaper?

A friend recently got a custom shape from G&S. It is a replica of his old board made in 1987. 8’6" triple stringer, single fin.

Can anyone make out the shaper’s sig? I tried to look up who is shaping for G&S these days and the website does not list their shapers, it seems.

Looks like Chris Darby

So it does.

That’s what I thought, but it’s not easy to read.


“…these days and the website does not list their shapers…” you mention. I say What shapers? No list due no more shapers actually in those “big” brands.

Well, if you look at the photo I posted it is obvious that this is a hand shaped board. Says so right on the stringer.

A closer image of the writing. Note what I outlined in yellow. “100% hand shaped”

It seems you are mistaken.

G&S Head Shaper: Chris Darby

Chris Darby is our Head Shaper and has shaped thousands of boards under the Gordon & Smith label over the past 20 years. For the past few years, Chris has worked with Eric Gordon on all of the G&S models from the 70’s by modernizing the foils, rails and making them sleek new renditions that are relevant in today’s surf scene while still incorporating a firm nod to the past design, keeping their "G&S

Soul" intact. He is the shaper of choice for most of the boards in our extensive Catalog.

Chris knows how to shape a better board that makes a better Surfer. Chris is so under the radar that he is

the best kept secret in San Diego and we are so lucky to have him all

to ourselves here at G&S.

Well, then I guess I was? When I looked at their website I could not find a link that mentioned any shapers.

A simple search confirms.  A search of the name Chris Darby is  more fruitful.  He’s there main guy.  Especially custom.  Pain in the ass to one off a custom duplicate with a scan and CNC.  An accomplished shaper can do it quicker.  Every year accomplished shapers demonstrate that ability at The Board Room Shape off.

Hi SammyA; I referred your sentence to the big brands not specified any in particular and yes; no more shapers in most.