Galveston Glassers/Shapers - Need a glasser and shaping room

Hey, Since im coming down to galveston, i will be free from the 18 - 25’th. I was wondering If I could use ashaping bay to do a board for my girlfriend. I am bringing my tools, so thats no problem, I just need a place to shape. Also, If I pay for materials and buy you lunch, can someone glass the board with epoxy? im not too good at glassing and want to give her an A quality stick. I can shape and bring my own lams, just need someone to lend me space and glass it. I can also pay hourly to use the space for shaping. PM me if you can spare me the time. And ill clean up after myself.

ps. does anyone know where to get fin boxes in galveston? or FCS plugs?

In Short:

Heres what I will have with me… blank, fiberglass cloth, side FCS plugs, a small amount of resin/hardener (enough to hotcaot the deck), tools, respirator, protective gear.

Heres what I need… someone to loan me space, laminate, install plugs, hotcoat, sand.

I can pay hourly to rent space to shape and will buy someone lunch or give them a 3’ x 8" lexan strip 1/4" thick to glass and install plugs, (and maybe a glass-on center fin depending on ps. question). ALSO… I WILL PAY FOR ALL MATERIALS USED… EVEN SANDPAPER

I’m going to try and shape her an 8’0" funshape/egg with 50/50 rails maybe a little pulled down from that with setup for single fin or thruster. color - blank w/ just my logo and a signature (tinted if you know how)

Sorry Scott, I’m nowhere near Galv but if you’re ever in the UK you’re welcome to use my garage… and tools… and local pub.

Jase (MMM)

I can also throw in a bit of cash for someone to glass for me. maybe $25 and lunch?.. anyone? im trying to keep my costs under $175 - resin, blank, and center fin/box are only costs. I have everything else including FCS side plugs and fins

Hey man,

I’ve seen plugs and fin boxes at Surf Specialties on Seawall Blvd. They’ll be on the back wall in the case with the fins. They should be decently priced.


Why aren’t you posting this at ? You’ll get some kind of response there!

Scott, you can use my shop to shape in, but I don’t have any RRresin left. None. …and only small leftover amounts of 4oz (maybe 4 or 5 yds). My poly resin is about gone too. You happen to catch me right before order time. You got my number. Let me know if I can help.