Garage sale vac pump....should i buy?

Pretty sure it’s this one…


Looks identical.

Schuco medical aspirator.  2.5amp 115V if that helps.



For $5? - Right Away! If it works you got a killer deal. If not, sell it to me for $2.50.

bought it.


She said it works.  I’ll give it go later. wooooo

You scored!  If it has a working gauge and can pull 20 hg your set.

Before you commit to a project block the inlet and let it run for at least as long as your project will take. 

heck yah! buy it! even of you don't plan on using it,

i'm picking stuff up on the side of the road or cheap at garage sales all the time.

my wife usually shakes her head and rolls her eyes 'til she sees that cash i get flipping it on craigslist or ebay.

sounds like you got a good score if it works. woo hoo!