Garage set up - cheap and clean

I just finished getting my garage set up and thought I would share with those who are looking to have a clean garage and still shape.

I picked up one of these and was a bit skeptical about it being enough room and what the quality would be but for 100 bucks I tought I’d give it a try.

Im a fairly big guy (6’2" - 225lbs) and once I got it all set up, its actually not that bad. I can walk on both sides of the stands with no issues (I thought my head would touch but I have about 6 inches or more of clearance all around).

I shaped 1 board in there with no vaccume and it kept all the dust inside. The cover has about a 7 inch drape to it so I sealed it to the floor so no dust would leave the room. All my boards from now on will be shaped with my planer attached to a vaccume.

Easy to set up and even helps kill some of the planer noise.


well…very cool setup for doing what it does

my little shaping shack in back gets soooo dusty, and yeah, that’s where I glass too!

That is awesome. With -20 to -30 F coming to the Midwest I am trying to picture how that would look in the living room…or somewhere else that is already being heated. -J

A recent post had old  wet suits for a cushion, I'm thinking about it, maybe better than vac hose ordrainline!



I am stoked on this setup man! Is it easy to setup and break down? I am looking for something like this to shape outdoors because of my location. Do you think it would hold up outdoors? Well done!


Huck- I’ll be glassing and standing in here too. I am trying to figure out a good solution for the dust on that.

Clint- it took me about an hour to set up the greenhouse. It is a simple set up and could be faster the second time. Or you could store it in sections and not completely take it apart. As for it holding up in the elements, I think it may be a bit thin. There are higher quality options out there for a bit more money that would probably be a better. Although, if it was pretty protected I would think it would last a few years. If your close by your more than welcome to check it out. I’m in orange county.


Thanks for the info man! I may look into a little bit surdier version. I am stationed in Japan on Okinawa (tropical island nice weather minus the typhoons). I love the simplicity of your setup and I was really trying to figure out how I could setup outside because I have no other workspace unless I rent from someone. I would need a system that I could literally unfold and setup and then break down during bad weather and put away… Any thoughts? I am thinking the full on fold up setup that I could easily break down and put into my small starage unit! Your light stands are perfect! How long are they? Could I go shorter with a bit shorter lights i.e. 4ft… I suppose it depends on the board length. Thanks again… I may have to start a thread on building a full blown fold up suitcase shaping bay! Ha ha.


Hey Mark.

Nice talking with you last week.

Hope it helped with your shaping journey.

Nice set-up.

Room looks really bright.

You need to darken to get some contrast.

Maybe some dark tarps. On the out side or even on the inside below your lights.

There are ways to make your light throw out so much light.

Maybe lower the lights to darken the flat areas to see the contours better.

Vacc. with definately keep it cleaner.

Get it up off the ground somehow.

Keep it up.

Barry - I took away so much from our conversation. Ive been thinking about it all for days. Cant wait to get another blank on the rack. Thanks again for taking the time out of your day and being so willing to pass along your knowledge.

My lights are definitely an issue as we talked about. I think I might try some dark tarps or painted wood on the backside under the lights. Also lowering them by way of raising my blank seemed to help as well.

On the vac side of things I am thinking of making some sort of cyclone dust collector so I can run my planer straight into it and also have a general intake for when im sanding. This way i wont have to empty my vac, just the external container.

I finished glassing and sanding my first board in here a few weeks ago so I thought I would give an update.

Glassing was fairly straight forward and I had plenty of space. I thought sanding would be kinda nasty but it was actually not that bad. All the fine dust stayed inside. I am very happy with how well everything is kept contained.

I am working on finishing up a cyclone system to hook my vac to. I also set up a little window fan connected to a dust bag that kept most of my sanding dust under controle.

When I picked up my planer from PeteC last week (cant wait to put that thing to work) he gave me some real good ideas about knocking the light down. (I tried some dark tarps but they didnt work out as well as Id like). Gonna pick up some mateirals this week and see how it works out.


Its been 7 years since your post but I just ordered this greenhouse off of ebay for a garage setup. We moved into our house a year ago and still need to use funds for fixing it … have a 2 car garage so right now, cheapest and simpliest solution … Will post how it works out, Thx for sharing, Brian from Virginia Beach VA.

Glad somebody kicked this up.  Makes me feel really good about my “car and a half” glass shop that WaW criticized me over last year.  Happy to have a two stand glass shop.  Did an Epoxy repair on one stand and hot coated a Poly Shortboard on the other just yesterday.  But I don’t sand hot coats, install fin boxes or shape in there.