Gary Propper

I was going through some old pictures and found one of Gary Propper and me in my old factory.Does anyone know what he is doing these days?He was a real character…funny as hell.I can remember him traveling the East Coast promoting his Hobie Models.The Guy is born salesman…scored all the chicks too (including mine).

Ahhhh… the stories I could tell… I used to travel with him. They definately broke the mold after that guy. I think he has a house on Maui and another in CA. He’s in the entertainment biz.

At one point back in the late 60’s Gary and I lived in the same apartment building at the south end of Cocoa Beach. One afternoon he popped in the door and asked if I had any papers. No sooner had he asked the question, he realized that my parents (who had dropped in for an unexpected visit from New Jersey) were sitting on the couch. Without hesitation I said “yes” and handed him the newspaper that was on the coffee table. He said “thanks” and went on his way…

You’re right, he was a funny guy


There was an “In Trim” peice done on him a while back in Longboard. I belive he reps some folks in the entertainment biz and if memory serves me correctly we can blame him for Carrot Top.

funny story gene

I think there was an article within the last 3 years in either longboarder or SJ on Propper, by the looks of the photos, he is still surfing quite well

always wanted a Hobie GP model, the classic longboard, still haven’t gotten one, but i do have a Hobie GP wedge bottom with no fin, close enough for now, maybe I’ll get a One World Juan replacement fin

I recall he was involved with production of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.

The article in LB says that he reps Carrot Top and was definitely involved with the Ninja Turtles as stated. Anyone out there ride the Hobie Gary Propper models? How does yours perform? These are quite popular with collectors and I recently found one here for $450 but have too many boards already so I let it ride. Nice board with an old school 70’s full Doile airbrush job in greens and yellow on deck. Enjoy the ride.

Peace from the East

I do have an old Hobie GP model with a bolt through fin and original slip check. Rode it a couple of times and cleaned it up to put on my office wall. I’m looking at it not.

I think he told me that Terry Martin and Munoz helped him design the GP model.Most of the GP’s I saw were signed by Terry Martin who is in my opinion a world class shaper(still at it).I can remember one magic summer at the Virginia Beach East Coast CHampionships when Propper beat everybody on the planet.This was around (I think 1966) when he was riding for Dick Catri’s Surfboards Hawaii team.He beat Dewey Weber,Corky,Nuuhuwa.all the west coast idols.Dick had the cream of the crop riding for Surfboards Hawaii back then.Later they all split and came out with their own models for various west coast builders.Propper surfed like Dewey Weber…real jerky and radical…high speed.In my opinion Claudie Codgens was the best of all that Florida group.Jim Phillips ruled from the North.Soon after that the shortboard revolution hit and a whole new cast of characters appeared,Loehr,DCB,Tabeling,Miniard,Clay Bennett,The Rolands etc. etc.Anyway its good to hear that GP is doing well.I always pictured him as Phineas T. Barnum anyway.

Hi…Just discovered this website, and saw Gary’s name…MAN does that bring up memories.

I bought my first board from him from his Lightning Bolt East surf shop in 1975. Single fin, 6’4", 21" wide. Perfect for those Indian Harbour Beach waves. Used to hang with him and a kid name Ace Hardaway…what a great surfer HE was.

time to read some more!!

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Just stumbled on this site too Dave, Greg, and whoever else is hanging out here.