George Greenough

If your watching, would you please e-mail me at . I have a couple questions.

can I say it again? whoa

Oh my god, you mean we are being observed by George, does this mean that he may even look at this exact message I have just typed!!! I’m spun out. Hi George how are you today.

Aloha, George Don’t mean to encrouch on yourself and Greg but when you have a chance ck out Mahalo, have a great surf ! Clyde Rodgers

Clyde R. Can you tell me where to buy your fin system I’m in Florida. Also would like to see the different sizes available… Thanks . Don J.

I cant figure out this email thing. Can anyone help?

What do you want to know?

What Sizes Do They Come In ? (The Fins) And Where Can I Buy Them … Thanks?

Yeah Greg, I’ll send an email through when I get home. I’m just up cruising in the hills behind Montecito, its nice this time of year with the sweet smell of sage hanging in the air…loading the crumple car up with a couple mats, should be at the Ranch soon.the green blues peelin fast, cutback and slide, the glide. not too many of us left now…no one knows how.more important than ever to keep on tuning the masses, so we just keep on pluggin takin the back roads. avoid the toads.can’t hear over the noise can’t see past 3, fins that is.the fro is the go,the mob, the chob.the latest to ascend from the at the head of the shortest line…the wait is over for Boris its lonely on the throne all alone, enough room for two… m.

One more time ,George Greenough does NOT have internet access.Greg contact Dale to hook up.

George , just like to let you know I saw and talked with a guy that was surfing a mat out at Hanalei Bay about a month ago, he spoke highly of the speed . Aloha, Have a great surf! Clyde

Everyone post your email address here, I can email now. The Joy!

Hooked up the modem via underground cable from byron, up the hill to my teepee. Things are cooking now boys, im in the 21st century, years lost in the wilderness,finally I can see the reason…yeeaaah havin a party tonight cookin those spoons and rubber bags…that thick black cloud will stretch around the globe for all to alive,no more half roundhouses…stylin body language saves the scene cause it wont get round more stage 4 dragging me back, exit stage restrictions,less straight lining,i can turn…4ft bryon pass.midnight.fullmoon.late feb.first swell of summer. massive reality check…speed turns in the power pocket,minimum effort.just stay in the pumping.just sit back and wait.then wide sweep way out on the face,speedo increase as it accelerates back.straight off the lip and sit back in the power.1 fin 1 line.pure but lacking.this is the shit so many paths so little a lot of catching up to do.40 years on the one more mellow crumblers…gotta be there.

can I say it agian? whoa

hey george, where did you buy thet stuff?? or do you grow yr own??

Swaylocks Crew , ck out The Surfer’s Journal, VHS, 50 years of surfing profiles! Bruce brown, Greg Macgillivary and " George Greenough " After reading george’s inspiring writting I dug thru soom tapes Bill Hamilton gave me and was blowen away by Georges footage… MORE PLEASE GEORGE !! Mahalo for your controbutions George, Have a great surf ! Clyde Rodgers