george greenough

hey guys… so many of you talk about gg this and gg that… where does all that come from? can any of you tell me how i can see him in action now or read his documented works of design. i get all the ozzie mags here and i only know of one interview/article about him in the last 10 years in a small time publication called waverider… i spent hours going thru all my archives and could only find that one. ive seen 2 of his see thru spoon style kneeboards here on the gold coast in 18 years. he lives about a hour down the road from us?.. but so many of you refer to his “inventions”. i do see one thing (or the affects of) more often than any of the surfing stuff… the lense he developed and sold to george lucas for filming the close ups and special FX for star wars! i did really enjoy his barrel footage on the surfmat at lennox too! so do tell me where i can find more actual facts about him and his creations!