George Lanning-----Surfer/ shaper

Long time WindanSea and North Shore regular, George Lanning, has passed on.       George was part of the shaping crew at BING with other well known shapers, Al Nelson and D, Brewer.     George was a fun guy to talk story, and party with.        The upcoming, September 7th WindanSea Reunion, will not be the same without him.       RIP George.

Sorry to hear this news. Bill your generation is an endangered species, take care of yourself. I hope to see you if I get out to your neck of the woods.


Aloha Sharkcountry,

Always good to hear from you.       I look forward to your next mainland visit.       Yes, the ranks are thinning rapidly, for surfer/shapers, in my demographic group.      This upcoming Sept. 7th Windansea Reunion, will be the last one, for just that reason.       As a group, we had shared experiences in surfing, that just can’t be duplicated today.       Mid week Sunset, breaking 10 to 12 feet, with only six to eight people out, was a frequent experience.     Not today, eh?        I hope to see you again soon.        You take care too.

Seems like my generation may be the last to experience what “the country” meant. I think the last several years have put an end to uncrowded good surf. I’m lucky to be able to see friends out in the water every now and then and talk about some of those epic days we shared. These days I just go out and enjoy spending time with the people as much as riding waves.


the best of times, gifting us with great memories to take along on the paddle over

Aloha Sammy,

Thank you for digging up those two video’s about George.      I’d not seen them before.        I have many fond memories of George, surfing, partying, and talking story, with him.       

Well, this past Saturday, September 7th, George’s ashes were scattered at the WindanSea break.        Very fitting, for someone so involved, and commited to the local La Jolla surf scene.      In many ways George embodied what a ‘‘real surfer’’ was, in the mid/late 50’s and through the 60’s.      Some have called him a real ‘’ waterman’', and I think he was.       He surely was not a poser.      George lived the life.