Get REAL already!

Problems with FCS plug bubbles??? Sniff. Sniff. Blubber. Boo hoo hoo. Swaylocks leads the way in redefining the meaning of “anal retentive”!!! You guys just don`t get it. Every single other internet forum even remotely related to surfing deals with a larger world view. Reality. The fucking Big Picture. PLUG BUBBLES??? But here you are bitching and whining about some little fucking BUBBLES??? Daaaaammnn dudes!!! Pull your collective pointy heads OUT!!!

Chrismas is coming soon and some people are already getting into the proper spirit of things. My suggetion, make an appointment with your divorce lawyer before they get booked out in January.

If you have a problem, no matter how small its always good to be able to fix it. And i suppose that means that you wont be back here again. see ya

What a dickhead! Sincerely, Drew

may be he don´t understand this forum…this forum is for the iniciate or the quality shapers or glassers, enthusiasts,etc

You’re right, every other internet board about surfing is different than Swaylocks, it’s either recycled BS, or it’s a bunch of 13 year olds complaining about why their surf sucked today, or talking about what Slater did in last months Surfer… you would fit in much better on one of those.

…it’s like that ! Herb

Way too serious.Paxcil or Prozac should help.Maybe.

Howzit Blackman, Maybe the reason you’re not interested in air bubbles is because you don’t have a clue about quality surfboard building. This site is for those who want to build quality boards and it does a great job providingthe info to do just that. By the way those pesky little bubbles make for a weak fin system installation, but you don’t care about that stuff anyways. If you don’t like what you see or read on this site just say goodnight and go away. Kokua

Thanks Guys! I was sgetting worried my air bubbles weren’t important. Can’t help being anal about glassing. I have a lot to learn and this is the place to find out. All of our collective experiences include every manner of screw up imaginable and the solution to fix it! Some big problems and some tiny problems, the size of an air bubble! Glassing is one of those things that to strive for perfection is admirable but unfortunately mostly unobtainable. Great thing about resin…sandpaper and power tools can provide the illusion of perfection. Thanks again…SAw a picture of some boards in here somewhere by Kokua Fiberglass…beautiful work Mike! Did you paint those??? MLC

I would think that air bubble matters would be of particular concern to one such as you. To keep you from wafting away, how much weight must you put in your shoes?

Well actually there is a section on the home page for World News. Also World Classifieds and a World resource of photos and links. We are the world. Yes, even World discussion of air bubbles in resin. Pointy heads? I can’t speak for the rest of the folks here, but I’m definately a tri-plane head.