Getting a pointy nose in a ding fix...

Hi! I’m completely new here. I am far from a shaper, and I just want some help with a ding fix. I chipped a bit off my nose, about 1cm, and a bit of the stringer is gone, a bit less than a cm. I want to get my nose nice and pointy again, but no matter what I do I end up with a bit of a stump, since resin can’t exactly hang in the air. I know it doesn’t have much of an effect on the surfboard, but it just looks better if it is pointy. How do you guys build up your noses on ding fixes? I don’t want to take the board to the shaper for a bloody nose job again. Help me with my little cosmetic surgery operation here.

pointy noses are pointless…

maybe you could build a “form” with masking tape?

but, really, pointy noses are pretty stupid. no use whatsoever and, they’re more dangerouser than less pointy noses. besides that, they’re always getting chipped.

I say round it off and glass a patch on there.

I know they are pointless, and I know they are more dangerous too, but hey, I can’t help it, they look sexy. Just like pointless, dangerous women.

All discussions for or against pointed noses aside, ChrisP is right about masking tape used to “mold” resin; then, all you need is sand back to original shape.

molded straight resin has no strength, however.  So be prepared to do it over and over.  Better bet is to cover it with a noseguard before you poke your own dang eye out, or worse yet some kid who is watching you rip on your sexy-nosed pointy-board!

Lol… I guess I’ll just build it up with various layers of resin and fibreglass, sanding and shaping inbetween layers. I can’t surf today anyway so time is not an issue. Don’t understand me wrong though, I’m not interested in a knife tip nose, and molded resin sounds no good to me too. It is probably going to be a lot rounder than most nose guards. I just don’t want it to look like I have cut off the front peace of the nose. Luckely I have a rotary tool and it works wonders in shaping those extra precise corners. It is even more precise than hand sanding it, and a million times faster. I already got it looking a lot betting with the last glassing, using two layers of 6oz at once. It’s going to end up quite solid.

Mix resin with milled fibers or microballons or the old stand by, cabosil. This will thicken the resin and be able to "clump" it up at the nose. Take a piece of wetted glass and laminate it to the bottom with a cm. or so hanging out. Let it harden then take the resin mix with or without pigment and build up on the glass layer "shelf". Once set, shape and sand and buff.

^This seems like a good idea, but I’ve finished with the multi-layer fiberglass. It’s super strong. I have 12 layer total. I fist made a glass “shelf” like you said, adding 3 layers, each a bit in front of the next, to 1.5cm to the front. I then just put on 3 layers of glass, let it dry, and then added another 6 layers. I then shaped it with the rotary tool to an almost perfect tip. I now put on a thin glass layer over that and when it dries I’ll polish it nicely with a super fine grade bit on a high speed. I actually bought the tool to make holes in shells and crystals for necklaces, but it ended up being so versatile that I’m using it more for my surfboards than anything else. I want to start making hollow wood surfboards, and I’m sure it will end up quite useful for precise corners on the rails. Best $60 I’ve ever spent.

Sorry for the long rant…