getting started

Hello! I have a question for whoever can give me some advice! I was recently told by a current member on here, deadshaper, to ask anyone for some advice on how to get started in the surf industry. I recently moved down to melbourne, fl from virginia to start my dream of making and designing my own surfboards! I started surfing at 13 and haven't surfed in years and I'm so happy to be able to get back out in the water again! If anyone has advice, tips, personal experience, or knows anyone who could help me get started shaping, making, and desinging my own boards, I would GREATLY appreciate it! thanks so much!



Rachel----------  You'd probably get more response over on the "generl discussion"  forum.  More volumne over there.  Alot of people don't read "industry".    Good luck with dream.  Melbourne is a good place to be industry wise on the East Coast.

us blanks and ryno blanks in the old clark foam bldg in melbourne off wickham rd.

fiberglass florida on paint rd off us # 1 in rockledge.

that's where u can get 99% of the materials u need to build a board.

then; FCS, Resin Research, LP glass, rainbow fins on tomahawk drive indian harbor beach.

places to get board glassed: LP glass, R & D in rockledge, Quiet flight in c beach.

swaylocks for basic information and specific questions. use the general discussion forum.


there ya go.