Giant Mess

Anyone know what I should use to clean up a giant mess of Lam resin?

What’s it on? The board? The floor? Your clothes?


I had a pretty big mess on my driveway the very first time I tried glassing, and after trying almost everything, I had to break out a grinder/sander with the lowest grit I could find and go to work…Good luck! I didn’t want to have to explain the nice resin swirled driveway to my landlord…

After glassing over 60 boards, my glassing stands weighted well over 300lbs.

Had to drag it out the garage with a 4x4, tow hitch, and spinning tires.

Took a sledge hammer to it, after building a 2’ high retaining wall to catch the flying glass/resin chunks.

Got it down to about 80 lbs., then dismantled the racks.

If it’s not especially sticky, fairly hard ( and if it isn’t, quickly paint it with a thin layer of something so it does go off hard, sanding resin, floor wax, whatever) I have had fair results with a medium sized ball pein hammer, say 2 lbs weight of head. Hold the handle at around 45 degrees with your wrist near the floor and just let it fall, pein-side down, so the hammer handle is about paralell to the floor when the pein hits the resin . Don’t add any real force to the blow. That cracks sanding resin quite nicely and it flies up like it would if you hit a lollipop the same way. Repeat as necessary, wear safety glasses 'cos that stuff really flies when it shatters. You can almost get a kind of bounce going that’ll chip away at it quite nicely for large spills. Light taps for the edges, maybe a lighter hammer too- forget which I used, or both, and it takes a while. Best to have the radio playing, or you’ll go a little nuts, tapping away.

If you find that you’re dimpling the concrete, hit with less force or use a lighter hammer. It left a somewhat darker ‘stain-looking’ area of concrete where the resin had been, but that was tolerable, what with boat paint drips, varnish spatters, spilt glue ( which the hammer also cleans up nicely ) and so on that’s already there. I imagine paint would cover it pretty well, if it came to that.

hope that’s of use


I’ve used a hammer against a chisel to partially pop up some globs, but I think they had landed on some ancient oil spot areas so maybe the concrete was already “sealed” a bit.

This won’t help you now, but for my limited glassing I’ve been putting down a basic blue plastic tarp on the floor and whatever half-fast (hooked on phonics!) glass racks on top of that. After a while it doesn’t fold up or roll too well; if too much gets on it the result is tearing, easily repairable underneath with duct tape. Recent projects have been smaller than full size surfboards so this has been working out well for me. Balance $4-6 for a tarp against the price of a full glass job and it seems reasonable.

Sh*t. Time to get out the 10 lb sledge and the grinder. You have your work cut out for you. Next time lay down tar paper below where you plan on making a mess. Sorry! -Carl

I’ve found that a sheet of PVC that they use for shower pans is ideal. It’s tough so you can re-use it, and by bending the sheet you can remove the drippings and throw them away. Any plumbing shop or giant box home store will carry the thick stuff (it’s a millimeter or so thick).

Be careful and wear eye protection when you are hammering on that resin. It can really fly. Terry


Why would you want to clean it up? That oval glob of art should be proudly displayed as a badge of courage for glassing your own board. Mike

Next time try laying out a sheet of roofing felt (its cheap and easy). Meantime, the ballpen hammer, goggles, headphones… rock on…


Frst of all who’s the critic?

wife? How could I have been such a fool ,I saved 800 dollars for the mortgage

Mom?,I’ll get to that as soon As i get back from Yosemite

DAD? hey check this new calender I got for the garage wall I got from the resin store

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when it drips dont wipe it up it cleans easier when it dried in a higher lump…when you smear it you are toast and best prep for Painting

high lump lifts well with scraper

oooooooooooh bla di oblahdah life goes on BRAH ,ha la la la life goes on

paint layer resin over whole floor and sprinkle texturizing element like sand or walnut shells then paint for bitchin non skid

if its on the kitchin floor trowel down thinset with epoxy additive and tile floor with handmade mexican pavers…mmmmmmmmcool to the touch on bare feet…ambrose…I told george! …" Not On THE LIVING ROOM RUG!"