Giant Squid attracting sharks?

With 2 recent shark attacks locally (Central Cal), one fatal, this subject was in the news....

Maybe.  The Big Squirters have been around for some time now.  Down south here they have been pests for about 5+ years.  There was a run of about 6 months when you couldn't catch anything but those big ink sacks....25, 30, 40 lb ones.  Scarry as all crap too.  You'd meter them in about 350 ft of water, then over the course of about 30 minutes they would come up to about 20 ft. They'd be darting around...fighting each other...f**king each other.  If you fell in the who knows what would happen.

I'd assume they would be a tasty treat for ol Whitey....But I still blame this whole shark thing on the Soccer Mom's, the 1974 Marine Mammal Protection Act.  And now the MALP Fishery Conservation Zones off our coasts.

Loose the seals, loose the sharks.   Plenty of islands off our coasts for old whitey to hunt at.  Whitey does not need to be patroling off of South Mission Beach or Scripps in SD for seals.


Those big ink bags make a delightful calamari sandwich.

Sometimes nobody says it as well as Resinhead…

God bless you Mr Resinhead

seals are the dogs of the aqua marine

and otters are close.

consider protecting feral dogs

the terrestrial equivilent.

this thought for example

makes for long range 

problems apparent.


dog lovers ,a culture within a culture,

is well endeared to the loyalties 

to our canine dependants.

Trained seals and seals in a zoo

happily eating cut fish thrown

from excited pudgy youthful hands

makes for endearing memories.


Populations out of balance dont last in nature.

The seal shark relationship is stareing our shoreline

use parameters down. The cute little puppies on the shoreline are

only tasty to a special group.This group is making an occasional 

miss-bite like an accident on the freeway,more cars more accidents,

add it up. The sealslayer 2000 means more bitchin leather jackets

for christmas.A nice sea otter hat would be great for the winter mornings too.

 Some nice moccasins,or a split suede wallet…when does endangered become invasive?


humanity is an invasive species.

could sharks alone help stem

the tide of overpopulation?

not a chance at only a few incidents a month or less…

Now we are venturing into the political / religion spectrum....and I'd assume the moderators will shut this post down pronto...but


I am for either giving seals the avaliability to the RU486 pill, or at least the option of publically funded cheap neon glow in the dark condoms.  While I might be ruthless, I am for giving them a few options.


There is also the possibility of forced sterlization through radiation.  Actually this seems the best option.  We could lure them in (like the Coyote does with the Road Runner offering Free Bird Seed)  But we offer a huge lump of deliciousiumoist squid. This lump of squid would be approximately 1/4 mile off of the San O power plant.......Then we just start up the leaky plant as is...and whamo, nuked neutered seals.  If there is colorateral damage to Ol Whitey, or a few soccer moms.. think of it as a bonus.


Perfect. problem solved.  At no cost to the public.  All we have to do is just get a huge lump of ink bags, push the start button.

I’d guess whities don’t eat much squid.  There’s more calories per bite in blubbery seals.  Seals eat squid though.  More squid.  More seals.  More whities.  The outcome is the same.  Mike


It seems in the Fall everything moves close to shore on the central coast.  The anchovies, sardines, seals and sea lions esablishing rookeries, fish eating birds, sea bass, and the whities. I’m surprised more people aren’t bitten around here.  Sightings have increased every year I’ve lived here for the last 16 years.  2 attacks in five years at one beach.  I keep my eyes open and try not to drift too far off the sand bar into deeper water at my favorite beach. Other places I just don’t surf anymore.  Well…depending on how good it is…Mike