Girl board

I need help in determining a plan shape for my girlfriend. She has minimal surfing experience but is able to catch waves and ride at places like San Onofre. She says that the 9’x 21"x 2 7/8" she has been riding is just too much board and would feel more comfortable on something a little smaller. She’s 5’10 and about 135lb, I was thinking of something similar to the 8’ Walden “magic” or mabey even smaller. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hey dutch,

9’x 21" sounds a bit narrow to me…has she tried a more conventional longboard? It could be that her current board is too funky for her, not too big for her.

That said, my girlfriend ( a bit smaller than yours) rides an 8’ in practically everything, overhead Ocean Beach to knee high SanO, and it seems to work for her. Sometimes I feel a little sheepish packing up four boards to her one…

Anyway, I wouldn’t go any shorter than 8 feet. Improvement comes with surfing, not paddling around as others catch waves. Once she feels more comfortable, she can decide where she wants to go from there.

Girlie 8 footer:

August Girl 8’0 Designed to emphasize operating in small to big surf. This is really a great all around surfboard. The ability to surf in either single or tri fin is a great option! Endless fun!

Dimensions: Nose 17", Width 21 1/2", Tail 14", Thickness 2 3/4".

hey this is my girlfreinds board that she just finished shaping. its 7’10x 17x22x16. the wide point on this board is a few inches behind center, i think its 4.

the board that soulstice posted was a slight reference to the board that she shaped.

my girlfreind had the same problem she likes riding my longboard but it was just to much foam.

Thanks guys! I was looking at the “RA” girl board, I like the outline and think it will work great. Just kinda needed to hear it from somebody else. This will be quite a change as I havent shaped anything over 6’8". I let you know how it turns out.

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somebody said up there about dont go less than 8’ ,something like you cant learn on anything less?..i remember when i was first starting, shop guys were always talking about i should get a longboard to learn on… well i got a 6’8’’ thruster that was very thin…i was about 6’2’’ 170 lbs…now , i am scared to ride longboards i cant figure what the hell to do with all that board ,plus they just are not fun to me i feel like i am literally riding a log…if she wants to ride a smaller board dont go an inch or two less ,let her really try something smaller…not everybody likes longboards