Girl dimensions

I want to shape a board for my girl. she’s 5’5 (165cm)and wheights 125 lb.(57Kg). She’s been surfing for three summers, can ride open faces and do bottom turns, but is not confident in doing decent cutbacks aso. right now she is riding a 6’ 8’’ hybrid shape board which i think is a liitle bit too sluggish for her… I am thinking of a 6’5 - 6’6 swallow tail Shortboard / Fish with some volume in the nose. I also got a 6’11R blank around which i might going to use for that board (if appropriate). anyones 2 cent for some dimensions!? thanks Zimmi

If 6’5 is the size, I would go 19 x 2.5 with a domed deck. I don’t care much for the funboard nose no this size board since it catches the front rail more. I also use the 611r for shortboards, it has a good foil and rocker. Good luck.

sounds like the girl/woman is suffering from a weighted front foot stance posture attitude…although perfectly balanced and adapted for snowboarding the forward balance impedes cutback development…down the line straight ahead speeding is enhanced but stalling and cutbacks are almost entirely stifled… shape her what you will but she may be a candidate for switch stance school… ambrose … my humble opinion …my friend dennis is a goofy foot trapped in a surfing regular stance surfing body … and cant cut back… if he ever switches stance he will rip…