Girl funboard project fin position help.

This is my latest 7’ 7" girls funboard thruster for 16 year old who can surf. It has a 15 nose 22 mid and 14 tail,

flat bottom to vee in the last 18" and very soft rails. Made from McDonald extra foam blank. Any Ideas for fin

setup and positioning on this please. Thanks in advance Gaz

I can’t see your photos, gazro…

Should be okay now.

Nope, can’t see them.

Are you accessing through a firewall? Or using “net nanny” software?

I am going through a corporate firewall and can’t see them - they are blocked :frowning:

OK, right-clicking on the icon and clicking “display image” works.

Nice funny board, Gazro. Not sure if I would go for a thruster set-up on this one. I’d rather make it a single, but that’s just me…

Not for me. In firefox or IE :frowning:

I am running on Firefox.

Must be that damned corporate firewall :frowning: