Giving back to the stoke

Hello all,

After watching (for probably the 30th time) one of my favorite movies;  Singlefin:  Yellow, a thought occurred to me.  "Self," I said, "why not shape a board and send it out into the world to be passed on from one surfer to another?  It could be ridden by anyone that wanted to, or possibly get someone out there that has "always wanted to try surfing."  To that end, I have made up my mind to do it.

Thinking the idea a little thin, I then struck upon the notion of giving it a purpose.  Many families have been touched by cancer.  Mine too.  Two people very near and dear to me have battled the disease.  So, here's the plan for your inputs (either as constructive criticism or what have you):  I have made a Facebook (gasp, horror!) titled "All Hands on Deck".  You can search it under the PAGES filter.  The avatar is a big red hand print.  I am shaping a board and laminating hand prints to symbolize victims and survivors under the glass along with instructions for finding the FB page so people can update the board's location, post pics, or video (I am putting a GoPro mount on it).  It is not a vehicle to raise money specifically, but more to foster the idea that there are other ways to make a difference in the fight through volunteering to work events or spend time with patients that may not have someone to lean on.

There is not much by way of pictures, etc on the Facebook page at this time, just some items uner the "about" tab.  As things progress, it will be updated.  I am in the Santa Barbara area (Lompoc) and SB is where the board will be initially headed once finished.

Thanks for reading!


cool idea,i’m in lompoc as well let me know if there’s anything i can do to help. jay

Matt, I airbrush surfboards professionaly. If there is anything I could do to help, let me know. I love the idea. Good karma bro.I’m in north San Diego County.


Showed some love on Facebook and “Liked” you! Hope this spreads the word and the stoke! Looking forward to updates!