Glacier Surfing

Just heard on the local radio an interview with Garret McNamara on surfing waves in Alaska created by falling parts of glaciers. Some of the waves reached 30’

Check it out at

Awesome stuff…

I sincerely hope they aren’t “helping” the glacier break up with any means other than their mindset and stoke…

Actually, nah, they shouldn’t be there with PWC and boats racing around anyway…

i’ll check that out .my friend chris went glacier surfing years ago en route to south pole…

Saw some footage on the late news, apparently there were chunks of ice tumbling around in the white water.

That has to be nice and safe?

What a pair of psycho’s.

Garrett and Kealii came in when they got back to pick up boards. Kealii had all the footage on his lap top… Its VERY GNARLY! They said the hardest part was just kinda waiting there and waiting, waiting, listening to the thing crack and when it broke off in big chunks it roared then shot debris like a bomb went off! Sometimes only little pieces and other times big sections… They both told me it was way sketchy but both glad they got to experience it. The part that looked way sketchy to me was all the big chunks of ice floating around and rocks they had to go around… You’ll see what I’m talking about when all the footage comes out… The waves they are riding is really like a mini tsunamis… I think if a really giant section broke off, everyone including the camera guys would be overun by a giant wave. It could easily make a 80’+ wave there. I don’t think anyone could survive it.


Ohhh Man! I’m stunned. Very wild. Really unique.

It’s the kinda thing where I think it’s totally off the chart and cool since they made. It’s also the kinda thing I’d be saying “Wow, that is so unnecessary and stupid” if they got hurt or killed. Kinda like that wierd guy that was living with the grizzlys. Interesting until they ate him. Then just stupid.

Quite spectacular either way. And, now that I think of it, it must’ve been super cold.

Hey Blane,

OK… Respect!

But at the same time. These guys (who I highly respect, and have said so to you on other threads and in PMs) are feaking nuts.


Kinda like that wierd guy that was living with the grizzlys. Interesting until they ate him.

I saw that show! I’m surprised a bear didn’t eat him earlier. I agree, he was a weirdo! Haha! Yes, the glacier thing is just crazy! Kealii said the water was around 30 degrees. I really think you could die if caught by a big wave. You’d be getting drilled in chocolate color, freezing water and the chances of hitting huge chunks of ice are very high. The wave peels a long, long way though!

Is that you terrain surfing again like in your last avatar? When are you going to stick that thing in the water?

Heck, they use explosives at some ski resorts to trigger avalanches to keep things safe. I know that on some of the glacier boat tours they blast their air horns to try to trigger the calving of a berg.

I figure a well placed stick of dynamite might kick up a set wave.