Glass Fracture

Ive read the archives and have a pretty decent handle on ding repair. But today i fractured the bottom glass up near the nose enough so that the weave is showing for about a 1/16 of an inch. Would it be best to sand through the weave and just lay up all new glass, or rough sand the whole area then repair as normal?


Can you describe the fracture a little better. How did it happen? Does it go horizontal to the length of the board? Is it dented in? Does the fabric look like it is still attached to the foam. Is the fabric deformed or stretched? Doug

it is horizontal from rail to rail and about a 1/8"deep. the weave is showing and is still attached to the glass(wish i had a picture).Should i start sanding and drying it out and how long should i wait b4 glassing?

Sounds like a stress fracture. Sand down to the fabric, but do it under good light so you can see what you are sanding. Go JUST to the top surface of the weave.

Because that area is now weaker, it’s best to add some more cloth. I would sand back about a foot on either side of the fracture and laminate one layer of 4 oz. in the sanded area. Then hotcoat, sand and gloss. Good luck Doug

 Is the foam exposed? if so you should rinse with fresh water to get the salt out, blow it with air compressor and let it dry before doing any resin work.Aloha, Kokua

nope…no foam is exposed. After the the air drop i had today i was expecting the board to be in half wen i surfaced. I was ridin real high and floated on top of a closeout section that basically just pitched me

thanks for all the info…gonna be tackling this over the weekend.

Howzit 5’9, Which Island are you on. The swellis still in the 4-5 ft range here on Kauai and it would be bigger on Oahu and should still be there tomorrow. Aloha, Kokua

unfortunately im on an island but its not in the pacific…LOL . I live in LI, NY and the swell is really dead right now …looks like now atleast ill have somethin to do during the upcoming flat spell.

repair came out great …(only wish i had enough guts to use some q-cell) cant even notice the extra layer of glass. Just finished sanding the hotcoat about an hour ago and now its ready for a 4-6 foot swell tommoro morning .WOO HOO. Thanks every1 for all the help