glass in fins placement for a fish

Just shaped my first board, its a 6’1’’ 21’’ wide and 2.75’’ thick fish. I’m now ready to glass on the fins but was having trouble finding the right information with where to put the fins. Everyone seems to be giving a range. What is a middle of the road set up that I can’t go wrong with/easiest to glass in? Im assuming having some cant would be pretty difficult to glass so I would prob go without it. The fins I have are 5 inch keels I made myself if that makes a difference. ( Lastly, Im about 160 pounds so this board has plenty of float for me if that factors in as well. 

On a traditional fish design the keels are generally set so that the trailing edge is about even with the buttcrack.   On the narrower “Rocket Fish” designs (which by your dimensions might be what you’re doing) the tip-to-tip on the tails are narrower and buttcracks are more shallow; the keels for those tend to be set a couple inches forward.    

Hello; do it yourself a big favor and transform those keel fins (normally a real keel fin has 9 3/4 of base) in splitted 4. Same area but no tracking. Go to the modern fish thread.


I line the rear edge up with the top of the crack like gdaddy stated and with the tips. If they are single foiled I toe them in 1/8 inch with 4 degrees of cant. Double foils no cant or toe in. Split keels like reverb mentioned eg Pavel quads I line up the same as keels.I learned all this here from Sways long ago and from building and surfing them myself. Mike