Glass it or trash it?

So I just finished shaping and spraying a 6’0 standard shortboard. I wanted to make something more traditional, as I’ve been tending towards a lot of boards in the shorter/stubbier department, and I thought my quiver needed something in a regular hpsb variety. Here’s a pic of it.

So, as you can see, the tail ended up reeeallly narrow. the tail is measured at 13.5", but I don’t think the template liked that very much. I should have bumped it out to 14" in retrospect. I just picked up the glass, resin, and SA… but now looking at how narrow the tail is, do you think I should even glass it? I used a template from, and I think the board ended up really nose-heavy. So take a look with those shaper’s-eyes and let me know if you guys think I should save the glassing materials and pick up another blank, or proceed with this one. Thanks!

Glass it and see how it goes. No point putting all that work in, only to throw it in the bin. If it doesn’t work, chalk it up to experience. If it does, you might be on to something…

p.s. I’m a big fan of nose-heavy.

My favorite hollow wave boards have a 13 1/2" tail, except rounded pin.[img_assist|nid=1057674|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=212|height=640]  It will work in the right waves if the rocker and rails are right.

Glass it, if you dont like it. throw it on a used rack. if anything its practice. you can easily get your material cost back on the used rack.


Send a PM to the guy that's been posting here for years as Grasshopper. Ask him what he thinks.....


chop off about 3" of the tail…

thanks for the advice guys. I’ll glass it tomorrow and see how it turns out, it has a lot of rocker, and its extended through most of the board with a deep single concave running through the tailblock. Hopefully it’ll be fun in hollow/ sucky type waves even if it completely sucks in the small stuff


stingray, bro, get over it. you seem to be the only one who cares


stingray, bro, get over it. you seem to be the only one who cares


Its not a big deal to me, but it gets confusing as heck sometimes.  I wouldn't get too upset, I really think StingRay is trying to do you a favor.  IIRC Grasshopper is a professional shaper / builder, so I think people are less inclined to offer advice to a pro, I know I am, because I'm a backyarder.  You're new enough at 39 posts to start with a new name and no great loss, the longer you wait the more you stand to lose in terms of starting over, and the deeper the confusion gets.  I don't see why you would want a name that makes you look like someone else, or their son, or something.  I mean, I don't care, its up to you, but just my 2 cents is all. 

I had to go with Huckleberry because Huck was taken.  Although whoever Huck is, he stopped posting before I arrived, so I don't worry about confusion with him.  I prefer Huck not Huckleberry, I've been Huck for years on internet, and a lot of my friends call me Huck, I even sign my boards Huck.  Anyway, names here are a bit of a hassle, I know.

BTW, nice board, looking forward to seeing it glassed.  Carry on.


thanks for the advice guys. I'll glass it tomorrow and see how it turns out, it has a lot of rocker, and its extended through most of the board with a deep single concave running through the tailblock. Hopefully it'll be fun in hollow/ sucky type waves even if it completely sucks in the small stuff


stingray, bro, get over it. you seem to be the only one who cares


Get over it bro???

.....karma....lots of people care... very few post......see you on the flip side....

Grasshopper is very low key...and very helpful...and his boards will blow you need to contact him because he can help you build a better surfboard.....and I can help you with your paint work.....but not if you continue to use his name.

Did you send a pm to the real Grasshopper? Did you check out his work? Do you care?

....get over it bro??????    NO.






bada bing, bada boom. I had no intent to offend anyone, the only reason I didnt go back and change it is that I have to use an old email address. I didnt realize he was using it as a professional title rather than just a handle. All good? :slight_smile:

@pridmore, I thought about doing something like that, but this board doesnt have enough volume to be a 5’9, or even a 5’10. Also if I took off a few inches, the rocker and foil would get thrown out of whack… But before I glass it tomorrow I’ll look over it carefully to see if that’s a feasible option. I’ll probably leave it at 6’0 though, because my mail goal of this board was to have something taller than me

Whats your total width?

Cut it in half and add a thicker stringer ( adding width) then cut three inches off the back:) , Its all practice!

Glass it!   Everything works some better then others. It’s the painter not the brush and I bet Kelly would rip on it. 

Haha that is a pretty awesome idea. I don’t think that I have the cajones to chop the thing in half if I had any plans of using it.

it’s 18 1/2", but it ended up being 2 1/16" thick instead of the 2 1/8" I wanted (hence me thinking I should keep as much length as possible). on my first pass removing the crust from the deck I didnt get through all of it, and by the time I noticed I had already cut the thickness . Maybe I’ll take an inch off the back… if you look at the tail, its a slight bump squash. If I take off 3" that bump will move up too far back, i think. I wish I could glass it and try it and then cut off a few inches if I dont like it, but I wouldn’t want to redo the fins. 

Also, stingray, I’d love some advice on painting.  My only painting experience is houses and decks… not exactly relevant. I know some people prefer to cover the whole board in masking tape and razorblade out what they want to paint, I just lightly pencil in the design and then use blue tape to get the design. At least this time I remembered to use stringer tape! lol

GLASS IT! the shape looks really clean. that is a narrow tail for a 6'0 - it will hold well in overhead hollow waves. if you dont love it, somebody else will.....

if you add some black paintmarker pinline and maybe some paint splatter over the paint after you have glassed it, it will add some depth. it looks like the black kind of muted your floro colors but painting is fun and you will get better after trying more things. i am pretty lousy at it but is always fun none-the-less.

btw - i am not exactly a pro - i have worked in a factory as a sander and do have some boards in a couple local shops under the grasshopper label and various shop labels but i have a day job and build boards in my garage at night/weekends like most on this site. i appreciate the name change and thanks guys for the kind words.

Right on, thanks. It probably will only come out on the bigger days, so the narrow tail may work out. I’m pretty mad that I didn’t notice this when I drew it, it was my first time using a planer so I think i got a little overexcited to get moving on it. 

And no problem! Glad to make things run more smoothly… Id hate for someone to listen to my advice thinking it was you! Lol.

For the paint, I actually didn’t want a super floro bright look, I was thinking more of a “Mexican blanket” type of color scheme… I probably should have extended the outer green and orange a little but further… But like you said, board art is just about having fun. I’ll probably sharpie something stupid on the bottom if I like how it rides :smiley:

I'm a builder not a shaper. I try not to comment on shapes....but color...that's my world. I cannot draw freehand. I do fades and saves. 3M tape is my best friend.....Here you go 02 / Strange Designs.....

a clean blank...get some ideas in your head and lay up some tape


......Beg, barrow and steal ideas...but always do one off custom designs....where you lay the tape and how you pull up the tape matters.....


there you go...keep painting