Glass Job Suggestions

I’ve ran into some troubles while doing the top coat lamination. Noticed some small air bubbles,pooling and fiberglass that didn’t stick to the board. I would rather not strip the whole board and start over. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix these issues would be appreciated. Below are photos of the board thus far.




Your laps can be ground down and patched. The bubbles are kind of big. If it were up to me, I’d cut out all loose glass and patch over. Fix all problems and go with a cheater coat. It may not have gone as you wanted but it isn’t that big of a deal and not something anyone building boards hasn’t seen before. Fix it. Hot coat it. Sand it. All will be well in the end. Best of luck.

Lord have mercy!!!  So when your doing color work you need to be doing Cutlaps.  Not Freelaps like you did.  The way you cut your fiberglass laps looks pretty messy.  Watch a lot more glassing videos and notice how the pros cut their laps before lamination.  Do a lot of research in the archives about color work and cutlaps.  Also go to the Fiberglass Hawaii youtube channel and watch all the videos about tinted laminations.  There are some great vids of Jack Reeves and Otis doing color work.  Do your homework then try again.  As far as fixing what you have done, take some white sandpaper, Norton 3x for example, and sand all the bumps, drips, and bubbles in your lam.  then you can do small fiberglass patches over where you sanded through the glass where the bubbles were.  try and make averything ass bump free as possible before you hotcoat.  That will be very hard though because its pretty messy.  Good luck though and it will all go smoother your second time around!!!

I agree with the above. Sand it smooth and cut and patch over any bubbles. If it still looks bad as far as the color goes, from patches or pooling, you could do some art over it or something to cover it up.    

Hopefully this link works for you.  Its really good stuff!  

Really great advice. I have watched the video link you sent me before. Don’t know why I didn’t watch it for a refresher…at least this will give me time to get everything smooth. More MEKP had to be ordered. 


Also, have you ever thought about using UV resin? it gives you lots of working time so you can really take your time and figure out how to lap the glass nice and tight around the rail.  might be an option to consider.  IF you wanna do dark tints like the board pictured above, it is better to stick with catalyst though.  

I’ve thought about it but the temperature and sunlight is pretty limited in Wisconsin in late October.

haha good point.