Glass layup Q

Well finally got the shop going I will post pics soon. I shaped a 6’1 single fin for the wife. I plan on glassing 2x4oz on top and 4oz on bottom. My Q is will the single 4oz be enough for the single fin box? I was going to do a resin swirl bottom but if I need to reinforce the box with a extra layer of glass will it show through the resin like when you do a tint.

Thanks guys!

Just do the patch afterwards. You can even make it really tough and do a tail patch, install finbox, then when you grind the finbox down, put another patch over the box.   single 4oz is not very much to have over any finbox.

tail patch




















I'd prefer to put a patch under the 2 layers of cloth instead to put it over and I want to explain why: if the fins hits anything while riding and you have patch over the  fin box, it can be very probable that board delaminates because the cloth will be pulled away.If you put a patch under the layers the fin box would just come off with no mega damages to your lamination.Does it make sense?If you use 2 layes of 4 oz cloth the resin will easly wet the patch under them when laminating....but don't use 6 oz or you could have troubles, expecially if you're not much experienced with glassing

I have glassed prob 50 boards its just they where mostly white so fin patches where no big deal. I just don’t want to mess up the swirl by having a discoloration from an extra layer of glass like when doing tint.

Put you reinforcing patches on after the color lam / swirl.  if you dont, you will have darker patches where the glass is doubled up and thicker.  Looks like crap, specially if you don't do a perfect cut out and lay out of your patches.

Some long board guys like that look it, looks retro.  A 6'1" short board isn't retro.......Put the patch or patches on after the color lam.

You won't have and delam problems? it's glass to glass, lam resin to lam resin. Fricking strong as an ox.  If it fails it's because you hit something so fricking hard that it has to fail.  It's like saying I made a unbreakable board!!! Yeah right.   Most importantly is that you put the patch down so you dont sand through the bottom layer of cloth...everybody sand through that.

On my Timber flex boards I put 4 oz, Carbon fiber reinforce patches where the box should be, then veneer wood, then 4 oz on top, then a 4 oz patch. I fill the plug holes with 2 layers of 6 oz cloth and slam the plugs in. The whole thing is a strong platform for a nice set of fiberglass fins.