Glass on Fin Choice

So im finishing up a 9"8’ X 23" x 3  longboard. Decent amount of belly and a slight v out the tail, tried to get pictures going but its a pain. Anyways doing a glass on fin, curious which one you all would prefer for east coast beach break action. Have a hatchet fin already in another log, not bad, little slow to turn. Looking for something a bit more responsive and something that would allow me to continue to fall off while attempting to nose ride.  posted some links below for fin choice. 1 2 3 has fins…

so your saying dont do a plywood foil? I have done a set before on a mini simmions, was not a terrible experience. 

marine plywood is cool, maybe just go with it then. Rainbow fins co is also a place I bought fins before.

I like the second fin you posted in the 3 links. I find the bigger fins on logs for me at least arent as good for beachbreaks. For me-beachbreaks can be unpredictabe and you need to make moves and adjustments fast. I found the more surface area noserider fins take more oomph to turn or pivot. Do you have the weight to push it around? Possibly requires more planning of your next move. I have a board with a similar fin to the second one you posted and it rips in beach break. Easy to make quick adjustments and turns on the fly. You might get less hold but maybe just re-establish your timing and when you walk up in a steeper part of the wave it will hold better. I think the ultimate decision depends on the rest of the board, how it is foiled, thicknesses, and general proportions…and of course how lined up and clean your local beach break is. Personally if it was a really solid peeling wave the 1st or 3rd would be my choice. But if its anything like the beach breaks I surf, I’d go with the second. Or maybe just template off of a greenough 4A.

I would go with #2. It isn’t really necessary to have the larger area fins for nose-riding. If it was me, I’d put in a box, just because you won’t really know where to place the fin with a given board-fin combo until you ride it - an 1/8" can make a significant difference.

I have a similar board to what you describe and I use an Andreini 9.75 Flex (Rainbow Fins); trailing edge set 8.5" from tail.