Glass on fin damage

Hi guys

Just got this board from the states and brought back to ireland. It looks like it has taken an impact during transit. I’ve had a look and can not feel any surface cracks and the fin seems solid. 

Just wondering what the option is best…

Leave well eny alone and hope it’s ok.

Or remove completely and refit. I’ve looked into repairs but can’t find anything on removing the fin. Any help appreciated.


Hi Doolie - 

If it were mine I’d wrap a bit of coarse sanding belt around the end of a pencil or dowel and hand sand all the damaged fiberglass from the outer base.  If it’s white or cracked, it would be best to remove.  Mix up some strands of fiberglass cloth (just separate the strands from the woven cloth) with some sanding resin and sand it back flush to the original base.  If you are careful and top it off with a feathered out gloss coat, it will be undetectable or nearly so.  The inside surface along the base looks fine.  In the future it might be a good idea to jam a block of foam inside the fins and then wrap the entire tail where the fins are attached with duct tape.  The foam block will keep the fins from flexing inwards and the tape will keep them from flexing outward.

Hi John

Thanks for the advice sounds great. Ill give it a go ! 

I will second johnmellor’s advice. No need to remove the fin at all. Sand away the damaged bits and repair accordingly.

The bit about a dowel with sand paper around it is what I also use. I prefer floor sanding paper for quick removal of bad glass in tight spots. Usually 40 grit. It is black in color and cloth backed, so it conforms to a tight concave area. In fact, I often just roll a piece up tight without even using a dowel.

Looks to me like there is not a lot of glass holding those fins on to begin with.  You might want to take the time to add some more glass to the insides.

Agree with everything said before but you may use a Dremel tool with the sanding wheels. Less work, faster results;

Thanks guys appreciate the advice


I’m with  balsa in every respect except

I somtimes refer to  that attachment the drum

and you can choose the size to match

the size of the cove fin base…

duration  of the sandinring time will speed by much faster

even when you set the dremel on the slower speed.


The dremel is more accurate too in that you won’t be sanding enywhere the tool doesn’t touch.  Just be careful and use a steady hand.

Thr dremel is a great tool. 

I hae found it significantly to be significantly better with the 90 degree 20$ attachment.  Not only for access on certain things, but much increased control of the head. I basically never take mine off.


Try it.

I have this on my dremel and it’s great.