Glass on fins

anyone know a good website for glass on fins…that you can actually see pictures of the fins on the site? im looking for something a bit different than they have on fiberglass supply and foam ez. Thanks Austin S.

Figgy Fins seems to be offline today. How about some Rainbow fins?

Hey Austin, Discribe the board and the kind of fins you’re looking for. Mahalo, Rich

Look up They have several wood laminated old school type fins for glass-on application. I I’m a furniture maker and also make fins (skegs) on a limited basis. I do no marketing, but will be crafting a few new ones of old growth burl redwoods, bass, ebony within the next couple weeks. I can send a photo of a few recent ones if you’re interested (just let me know an email address).

I’m interested in photos… If you have a web link that’d be great, I don’t know how many photos will fit in my inbox… Thanks again.