Glass-on LB fin positioning

Alright, they look cool glassed on, but knowing the effect singlefin positioning has on a longboards ride or noseride, how can a person know they have picked the best location on the tail to ‘glass-on’ a 10" fin? I’ve seen them over the end by 2" and I’ve seen them flush with the tail end, so is there a determining factor/factors? Just wanna hang 'em planty long time!!!

I think you are going to have to give a little more information on the fin. Also on the tail rocker. I have boards with a lot of tail rocker that have a 9 inch fin hanging 1.5 inches off the tail. This 9 inch fin also has a 10 inch base. If you provide the right information you will be much happer with the answer. It is not fun to grind off a fin and glass it back on. Been there done that.

My advice is to experiment first on your board with a box set up before you glass on your fins. I guess you’ll need two boards then. Best possible fin placement is up to your board (all aspects including tail shape), fin size & type, your surfing style, and the waves you’ll be riding. In time, you’ll get a pretty educated idea where you want them on your noseriders, etc.