glass ons......

do you use the “101” method for glassing on a single fin? how many pieces of rope per side, how many pieces of 6 oz. per side? anyone offer some good tips?

Hey Teddy Never read “101” Depends how big the fin you are glassing on is. For a single longboard fin, or shorty, with fin 9" tall, I’ve always used 1.5 strands of rope per side, and two full length 6oz cloth patches per side. You can use as little as 3/4th rope strand per side on 4.75" thrusters, but still should use 2 layers of 4 0r 6 per side. For the base, I always use as much cloth as the height of the fin.

You got rope? I have not had any rope for about 3 years. OK this is what I do. For a long board take one of the strands (there should be like 3 or 4 strands in a piece of rope) and cut it so it is about 1 inch longer then the fin(1/2 inch for the front and 1/2 for the back) This is going to get real big once it has soaked up resin. Cut 2 pieces of 6 oz big enough to run from about 4 or 5 inches on to the board,(I like to make these a circle on the board) and cover the fin all the way to the top and down all sides. Also cut 4 pieces of 6 oz just big enough to cover the fin about 2 inches up and out on the board about the same. Soak the rope , lay it down, place 2 of the small pieces on each side of the fin and use a paint brush to make sure they are soaked good. Paint up the fin and lay on the larger piece of 6 oz. use the paint brush to make sure it is also soaked with resin. Repeat for the other side of the fin. Just as the reain starts to kick I trim with a sharp knife, to keep the sanding down to a min. For a short board I would only use 1/2 the amount of rope, in other words split one of the strands in half, and use half on each side. That my way. I’m sure someone else will have another way that may work better.

sounds good,anyone know of some good places to get glass on single fins? fiberglass supply doesn’t carry much, and foam e-z is limited in colors, size…is rope the the same as roving?

Hi You can can them at Rainbow fins, either LaSelva (West Coast) or Rainbow Distributing in Florida. Woven rovings is just a super wide weave cloth. Rope is just that, about 6 main strands (comprised with multiple smaller strands) that looks like a …rope.

Football shaped glass patches cut on the bias can be used to glass on fins. Each piece supplies support front to back and side to side. Rope strands prett much supply front to back support only. Take a look at any ding repair shop and you’ll see why saving weight during glass on fin installation is a dumb idea. Standard shortboard glass on fins break off if you look at them wrong.

Get any fin box type fin and cut the tab off…presto glass on single fin. Also I only use rope to make the cool filet around the fin base. First i lay down a glass patch where the fin is going to go. Tack fin in place, then I put down a course of 6 oz glass the shape of 1/2 the fin on each side, then about 4 strands of rope each side, then I put 6 oz glass over the top of that, about 3/4 the size of the fin, 4 more strands of rope, then cover that with 6 oz glass the full fin template. Now you can take your sander and smooth it all out without any worries of sanding through the bottom or loosing too much glass. It’s a little more work, but you’ll never have to repair it. -Jay

if you´ll got never repair fins and do not have problems with weight, use the method resinhead explain. so if you look for a shortboard for save the weight (kind of disposable board…) (super lite blanks, 1 or 2 4oz deck, 1 4oz bottom; thin fins, etc) you´ll go only with 4 strands per side and 1 or 2 4oz per side…