Glass schedule for carbon rail stringerless eps

Hi guys, just wondering what glass schedules people are using for stringerless eps boards with carbon rails?

Most likely will use a 1.9 density blank, and the goal is to have something as light as a 2x4oz top 4 oz bottom pu/pe shortboard, but relatively resistant to pressure dents on the deck.

i have thought about using lighter foam and doing a thin veneer with a single 4oz on top, but i don't have the setup for vac bagging yet.


Really like your 6’2 Rémi. I have a really simmilar outline for myself on its way, i was going to put carbon on the rails but you have inspired my to just use QuadAxial and keep it pure white.

Depend how much carbon you will put and how you will put it and what sort of wave pattern. For something like fiberflex, with carbon UD that run on top,rail and bottom go with a 6 bottom and 6+4 top. You 'll have foot prints but not golf ball dent like PU. Board can feel a bit stiffer than a light thin stringer PU. Because of carbon stiffeness, find good schedule and arragement of fiber for flex and durability is tricky. For me carbon must be use use for dynamic durability and not for flex.

Sorry for my frenglish.

My 2# stringerless EPS with no carbon has 3 layers of 4 oz. on deck and 2 layers of 4oz on the bottom.

Not sure where to go with that with adding carbon to the rails.

My stringerless veneer boards had 4oz./veneer/2oz. - 1.5# EPS - 4oz./4oz. with 10oz. carbon tape rails.

You’re just going to have to play with it a bit and build a few boards and see what feels right and how they hold up to dents/ding.

I can tell you that both the layups I mentioned above are extremely durable, both boards being over 2 years old and still riding and holding up great.

I think you can taper your CF on the rails to enhance/change flex. I'll second what Lawless says adding that the CF rails won't add enough weight to make you change from triple 4 deck and double 4 bottom. You'll have a durable board, what I don't know is if the flex is any different with or without the CF rails. I've done 'em on a few boards, looks great, but I honestly don't know if the board would ride any different without the CF.

I do pretty same board (my all day surfboard and wombat copy) with many tech: compsand, stringered  (PVC,wood) stringerless with different glass schedule, Sglas, Eglass. What i can say is carbon can be a flex killer depend how it’s use. Now i make lighter board with flex off my best board (stringerless 3x4 top 2x4 bottom warp glass) wich keep is pop longer thanks to some carbon on rails and wiith same deck restistance than my veneer boards thanks to multiaxial glass.

sorry for my frenglish

thanks for the advice guys.

lawless, how is the weight on your 3x4oz top, 2 x4oz bottom?

PA, I know you were asking Lawless, but my latest 6-2 "fish" with a 2 lb EPS core and 6 oz. CF rails, 6 oz. CF/Kevlar hybrid cloth deck patch with double 4 oz over and double 4 oz bottom came in at just over 6 lbs.

Pirate_agenda i put weight of some boards in my blog.

All are quad around 6’x18 1/2"x 2 1/4" more ore less. Stringerless 3X4 + 2X4 on 1.9# EPS is 2450gr = 5,4 lb without fins. The lightest is a compsand balsa deck + XPS rails at 5lb, stringered 4+6, 6 are around 5,5lb. When i put carbon on rails i make less lap of glass on rails so it doesn’t much weight (less than a stringer).

I found that how you seal foam have a real impact on weight and dent resistance. Sanded spackle seal give a lightest board than micro+resin seal.

Sorry for my frenglish.