Glass schedule on longboards

Recently one of the employees of a particular surfshop here in NC told me that the regular glass schedule for the shortboards and longboards they receive is 1 4oz deck, 1 4oz bottom and a 3/4 4oz deck patch. I find this very disturbing…specially since the boards they sell over there are high names costing over $500 each shortboard and $700 or more for longboards. Could the employee read the order form wrong since it says “regular 4 oz glass on deck and bottom” I would think “regular” means the typical 2 on deck and 1 bottom. Anyone know anything on this? BTW , the longboards are Stewarts and the shortboards JS and DHD.

Shortboards… could be true. Longboards… seriously doubt it. In fact I’d bet money it’s not true. Longboarders generally want glass on the entire deck, because they walk around and spend time on the nose - unlike shortboards, where most surfers just plant their feet. 2 x 4oz deck + 4oz bottom = super light longboard, and not that common. 4oz + 6oz deck + 6oz bottom = light.

I didn’t want to quote any brands but you did it, so… Stewarts (and another famous brand) are very, very weakly glassed. I can’t say what cloth nor how many layers are used but they dent and ding very easily, that’s a fact. At least boards that are imported here in France (God only knows where they were produced…)

Comp long boards 4 over 4 decks, 4 with 4 fin patch bottom.

Other common schedules are:

6 over 4 deck, 6 with 4 fin patch bottom.

6 over 6 deck, 6 with 4 fin patch bottom.

6 over 4 with 2/3 4 patch deck, 6 with 4 fin patch bottom.


Thanks guys, thats what I thought too… like I said, its disturbing if thats how the are glassed.


6 over 4 deck, 6 with 4 fin patch bottom.

My favorite combo for a longboard… Still get deck dents but definetly strong enough and a decent weight for all around surfing.

…is not the same if the board is gloss finished, speed finished or sanded finished…

I put 3 x 4 oz deck in 9 boards up, 1 4 oz bottom

now Im doing a 10 2 with 3 x 4oz and 1 6oz bottom.

3/4 deck patch is a good way to break the board exactly in that point.