Glass weight

Quick question (I THINK I know the answer, but I gotta ask)


Assuming a 5’10" Fish(ish) PU shape. What would the weight difference be between:


4/4 top / 4 bottom - E glass




4/6 top / 4 bottom - S glass?


in all fairness, I’m guessing that my last meal before a session will make more difference in weight…


Thanks in advance for your (far more educated than my) responses!

Should problably have mentioned that this board is going to be old standard: - Poly Urethane Blank / Poly Ester resin


Thanks again

I tried to do the math but it's getting late...

+2oz/sq yd X 2 yds (length of board) X .66 (amount of sq yd reduced by width of board) = 2.64 oz. (weight of additional cloth) X 1.5 (approximate additional weight of resin to saturate heavier cloth) = 3.96.

So, additional cloth weight + resin weight = roughly 6.6 oz.

I don't think there is an appreciable difference in weight for cloth or resin when using 'S' or 'E' cloth.  Those figures roughly estimate the extra weight of the 2 oz difference in cloth weight for the one deck layer + additional resin required to saturate it.


Aloha lockedin

The added weight should be around 1/4 to 1/2 pound, if glassed properly.


Thanks Bill & John!


That was what I thought - that a large meal will affect performance more than a “heavy” glass job.

Do you surf on your stomach or are your bowels in your board?

I think your weight comparison is flawed, where the weight is, is just as important as how much there is.


hehe Good point.

So then, which would you consider to have more of an effect on a 195 pound board / rider package:

an additional 8 oz of static weight (extra fiberglass) on the deck of the board?

or an additional 8 oz of dynamic weight (1 Avocado in stomach) appx 3ft higher up?

And finally, just how much does that 8 oz affect the sum package (195 pounds )


IMHO negligible effect in weight for the additional strength imparted by the heavier glass schedule

1/2 lb board weight might very well be detectable ride wise.  Likely most apparent on take offs and sudden direction changes where 'swing weight' comes in to play.

Very True - the board in question will be a fish(ish) 5’10", I’m a heavy footed 185 pounds. I’m using the 6 ounce in an attempt to extend the life of this board a bit; all of my shortboards have enormous heel dents and most have delams in the same spot.

I don’t really think on swing weight that much until I step onboard my guns or longboards, but what you say makes sense.


Thanks again!