Glasser in NJ?

Does anyone know of a glasser in New Jersey? I finished my first board in the fall and glasses it myself, but I feel it would be easier to have a professional do it for me because my job was not all that great. Before I order another shipment of blanks, I want to find a glasser or at least know that I will have to do it myself again.

see my buddy Brian Wynn of Wynn Surfboards. Should be in the phone book or one of the local surf mags. Tell him I said “what’s up!?”…

Brian Wynn


Brian’s place in Vineland is a top notch operation. He works mainly with polyester and his tints and/or swirl jobs are right up there with the very best I’ve ever seen.

Another option (in SNJ as well) is Paul Baymore, Fly Surfboards; 609-861-7000. I believe he’s working with Resin Research epoxy.


Herb Bean

A friend of mine carries both lines in his shop in Brigantine.the glass work on both boards is excellent.I ride a epoxy made by Paul and it is solid as a rock. but lighter

Thanks for the help. Does anyone have an e-mail for them, that tends to be easier. Or does anyone know a basic price range to get a shortboard glassed with fins put in?