GLASSERS!!! You must wacth this videolink - Bottom+deck glassed in 1 step!!!


Found it by chance.

Please go to:

Click on any video step (shaping, glassing, spraying,…) but DON’T leave the site without watching the GLASSING video.

This guy glasses bottom+deck with glass+carbon and epoxy (I guess) in just ONE stage!!!

It’s a sailboard company but I guess the technique could be applied at any surf toy.

BTW: you’ll need Quicktime.

Thanks Niera, good video.

Virtually all the glassing I did after 1991 was one step, and that was with standard pe resin. It is even easier with epoxy. At that time we were sealing the blanks beforehand, and the strength to weight was exceptional for hand layups.

There’s a few tricks, but it’s not too difficult. Every glasser should be doing it, saves some time, makes some money.

And the fact that all the laminates are curing tightly together ensures a more accurate board, with no rocker change due to one sided skin shrinkage.

pretty cool space suits…

looks like it is the final layer of glass after all the bagging of the skins and deck inserts have been added…

Yeah anybody say bumblebee?

hazmat level 3?

Thought you could smear epoxy on some wonder bread with your peanut butter and eat it for lunch?

Man I gotta get one of those bubblebees would scare the dickens out of the neighbors doing your boards in that suit in the front of your house…

Thanks for posting that. Those video clips are well done. Nice site.

Are those old style surf racks turned hotwire bow :wink: