glassing a board

so i got a new board quite recently and the guys that glassed it screw up alot. they forgot the color and did a crappy job sanding it. ive waxed it up and ridden it a few times already, is it possible to clean it up and put more glass on with a pigment color? it has a glass on fin and its a clear sanded finish. 

Sure, you could do a pigmented layer of glass if you know what you’re doing. But, adding glass isn’t necessary to add color. Pigmented hot coat would work.

Is this a longboard?


…you can do whatever but you ll it screw more…


you ll put weight, non functional weight (more if it s a shortboard design)

Yes, you can do resin panels, or pigmented hot coat as SammyA say

but think in more weight and very difficult to finish without mistakes, etc



reverb is right. Do you want to add unnecessary weight just because you don’t like the color?

If the color really bugs you that much, there are simpler solutions. One way would be to clean and sand the board really good, then just spray paint it. I’ve done cosmetic rehabs on old beater longboards using plain old epoxy spray paint.


You could even add a sprayed clear coat on top of the color.

ya it is a longboard it has no color, except i used volan to get that green tint. was supposed to have a opaque green stripe but the glass shop we use are morons. i was thinking about spray painting it but everytime i have done that the paint bubbles up and turns to shit and its a nice board and i want to keep it clean. but you can clearly se how they sanded it and it looks like shit you can see the swirls from the sander, not even at all. it looks like they rushed it and did a careless job overall. i was going to send it to another glass shop to fix but they quoted me like 200$ and thats over half the amount i paid to get it glassed how it is. so i was thinking it would be cheaper to do it myself although i dont want to screw it up, so im kind of in a predicament.

Why isnt your glasshop fixing thier mistake?

If “THEY FORGOT” they should be fixing it, if “YOU FORGOT” well then different story.

Whats on your copy of the glass shop order form is what you should have in your hand.

Honestly it shouldnt even have left the shop if it wasnt right. As soon as you saw it was wrong, bitching should have commenced.

If you took it though without saying it was wrong and fighting for it, then really its more your issue than the shops.


I have worked for years in several glass shops. We make mistakes sometimes, but at the same time I cant tell you how many times some guy has flipped out on something “WE” didnt do, that they conveniently didnt seem to circle, write down or note anywhere.

We cant do it if you dont tell us.