Glassing Channel Bottom Boards

I’m looking for information on how to glass channels. It’s going to be a 6oz bottom. I have no idea where to start so any information you could give would be great!!! Thanks…Badmojo

a wise hawaian once said the best way is to fold back the glass resin the channels and put glass back down this is one of the best tricks i have picked up from this site makes channels a lot easier to glass! thanks

I like to laminate the channels seperatly from the rest of the bottom. It gives you plenty of time to work it and not have to sweat the rest of the board.

It took a lot of practice to be able to laminate channels with out bad air or bubbles, the other option was to float the crap out of them. Over time I figured out how to use a short bristled brush along with the squeegee to tuck the cloth in nice and tight. With the brush, pulling 90 degrees to the stringer,starting at the rail, the cloth falls into the channels and stays tucked to the sides and bottoms. Running the squeegee length ways has a tendency to make the cloth keep pulling away from the channels and making you fight the air. If you see bubbles, keeps pulling from the rail until it is all clean and air free.

Tack the channels first like Chris said using a squeegee and a brush, like Jim said. Let that kick and then laminate the rest. OR… use spray glue to tack the cloth. 3M clear General Trim Adhesive no. 08074 (lightly, just enough for a tack) and the laminate as usual.

Paint a coat of lam in the channels and let it kick…this will give you a “tack” that will hold the glass in place.Thanks to Kokua for this tip.