glassing color over a free lap question

Already started glassing a board which I intended to do some color on (in resin). The bottom has a single 6oz layer glassed on clear. Can I do an opaque lamination on the deck over the sanded lap, or will the color be washed out on the rails and more apparent where the pigmented resin hit the foam?

Yes-----    Key word being "opaque".   Get enough opaque pignent in your pot that you can't see thru it.  Use a paint stir stick.  If you can see the wood thru the resin add more pigment.

McDing’s right… I saw a board once where a guy tried to do a color lam over a clear freelap, and you could see every little strand of cloth along the lap line where the colored resin pooled along the edges. So be careful. You gotta go completely opaque. This guy’s board ended up being a disaster, so he had to do multiple opaque “resin swirl” hotcoats over it to hide everything.

thanks nj, thats what I wanted to hear. I imagined no matter how well I would sand that lap, if you can see the free lap strands, its a no go. Color on the next one then.

If it were the case that you wanted an opaque or tinted lay up on only one side (deck or bottom)  You would do the colored side first with a cutlap and then do the opposite side with a freelap onto the colored side.  After one layer on each side you would then grind your freelap, baste if necessary and then do a layer of four ounce over the colored side.  The layer of 4 four ounce will give you a layer of protection when you sand the hotcoat.  Burn-thrus on a tint or opaque are a pain in the A$$.