Glassing costs?

What is a good basis for how much it runs to have somebody glass? I have looked around and see $150 +/- for anything under 7’ - 2 on top one on bottom, thruster. Is this a fair price? What would be a good quantity discount?

stubby what area are you in

I’m in Ventura County. I just spoke to a guy about Ultra Surf in San Pedro?

I’ve seen prices from $125.00 to $225.00. It depends on what you want to get. If you are after clear, sand finish, fin system, leash plug, the $125.00 is on the lower end of the scale. If you want a glossed, color, etc., it gets to the top end of the scale.

If you brought your board to HDX for a poly glass job, clear, sand finish, future fins, we’d charge $135.00 to 7’. That’s a single board. If you were bringing multiple boards, at the same time, the price drops according to the amount of boards. If you’re bringing down 5-7 boards a month, 15+ boards a month, 30 boards a month, the price drops based off of the volume.

there plenty of good guys in Ventura, We are in long Beach, Jeff as posted before WHO NEEDS TO EMAIL ME BACK btw, Is in Huntington Beach.

Ive never heard of ultrasurf Unless someone else changed thier name.