glassing disaster

hey yesterday i attempted to glass the bottom of my first board, and as it seems with other people on their fist board, my resin gelled too fast for me. my problem is i didnt have time to glass one rail, and the nose and tail areas. i thouhgt id just be able to have another glassing session, but some resin has dripped over the dry cloth hanging over the rails, making it quite stiff, im not sure if i put resin on again, the cloth wouldnt hug the foam, and leave an air bubble, i hope that made sense. kkeep up the good work tom

im no expert but if youve let it gell well then it seems like thats where it stays ,and if its not wraped around the rails then you need do fix it some how…this probally diddnt help

cut the remainder off witha razor blade. and get the lap as smooth as possible. then glass the top. just focus on a better kick time next time.