glassing future fins

i recently got a thruster set of future fin boxes and fins, and i made a board for them, now its time to glass and i don’t know how to go about doing that. i went on and told me how to put them in, but it was confusing, can anybody help me or clear it up? and also, w. the leash plug, i have one that i need to glass into the board, can anybody help when and how i should do that? thanks alot for the help


hey man, check this link out from EZ foam, and scroll down the list.

Take it to a glassing house that has the proper templates and have them router it. Unless you’re going into production or have a lot of money, it isn’t worth buying the templates. There’s lots in info in the archives about installing them.


     If you really gotta use futures go to this link: <a href="" class="bb-url"></a> . Do me a favor and check out the install video for ProBox and  

you decide which one is easier.