Glassing Futures

So I am glassing my first board and have watched a couple videos on how to glass in future fins. My only question is do you sand through to the tape before or after the hot coat? And if you do sand through the glass before the hotcoat do you just have to tape over the fin slot again?

Hot coat means something very specific to me and I think you are using the term loosely.


Tape with initial pre glass patch and keep taped for initial filler coat. Then sand off. Retape for final coat of epoxy or gloss/final coat of Polyester resin.


Spray a tiny amount of air tac adhesive to taped fin box. Let dry for a minute or two. Place patches over boxes and press cloth to conform to boxes, Then glass bottom.

no fuss, no baby sitting.

If you dont have air tac adhesive you can use super 77 if you spray to clean rag and dab lightly to box, let dry and same as above.

don’t be a chicken, you can do it.