Glassing hard edge in Tail


So I've left a nice hard edge in the tail area of my board, starting just in front of the side fins...all cool there.

I go to glass the deck and notice that the cloth (one layer of 6 and one layer of 4) doesnt want to wrap hard around the 'hard edge'. As the board is sitting bottom facing down  on the the racks, the cloth wants to sort of come away from the underside of the 'hard edge' leaving a nice little area for area  for air bubbles to form running all the way around the bottom side of the hard edge!! aggghhhhhh!

I kept an eye on it and as the resin was gelling I kept forcing this 'sagging cloth' back up onto the foam..seemed to work ok, pushing 99% of the air bubbles out but it was a lot of work.

Any solutions...anyone had this issue before?

I thought for my next one I might slightly round this area just enough for the cloth a have a curve to conform to, then build up the hard edge with tape during the filler coat.

Thanks again...



I thought for my next one I might slightly round this area just enough for the cloth a have a curve to conform to, then build up the hard edge with tape during the filler coat.


i think that's how it's done... at least, it's worked for me

Here’s one of two ways. 

  1. Round the hard edge on the blank, just a smidgen.  Just enough so the cloth will wrap.  Barely anything at all.  E cloth wraps easier than S cloth.
  2. Laminate the bottom as normal.  The softer edge back there will help the wrap,
  3. Flip the board, and lay out the cloth on the deck.  Cut a relief cut in the cloth where you want the hard edge to start. 
  4. Laminate the deck.  Wrap the area of the board with the softer edge as normal.
  5. Let the cloth hang down like a curtain where you want a hard edge.
  6. Trim the cloth at the hard edge like a cut lap with a razor. 
There's your hard edge.

[img_assist|nid=1053607|title=Rail Curtain|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=656|height=495]


Yeah thats the way to go.  I believe its called a resin bead.  Just apply liberal amounts of resin in the area then you can sand away as much as is needed.  You can make it as sharp as a knife if you want.  Although I dont think I would compromise the shape of the foam and round off the tail rails.  I just pull the cloth tight by hand  and push with the squeegee at the same time once it has gelled. 

‘build up the hard edge with tape during the filler coat’

That was the way I was shown how to do it.  Surely Everysurfers method is going to cause a weak spot where the cloth has a cut in it and doesn’t lap the tail of the board.  Boards love snapping in front of the fins.  If you want to fill it that way why not glass your board as normal then add a thin strip all the way around the tail to in front of the fins, no weak spot and extra impact strenght to the tail.  Remember less is more, don’t go crazy filling up mountains of resin around the edge it’ll be a bitch to sand.

Not really.  Most boards are done with the bottom lamination first, wrap onto the deck.  Then the deck lamination is cut one on the rail, one to the lower edge of the rail.  The only difference is that I say let the last layer of glass hang like a curtain, and cut it at a specific spot.

And just how many boards have you snapped just in front of the fins, when the glass was done the way I described?

It seems every board I’ve ever snapped has been in the front third.  Right in front of my front foot.  When the board wants to flex up, and my weight forces it down.

    Howzit marsh, That's how it is done but it's done just before the bottom hotcoat. The trick is taping it off cleanly and at the right hight.It's another one off those processes that iseasier to show than to explain.Aloha,Kokua

I use a slightly rounded edge and do a regular fill coat.  Then I come back and tape off a 1/2" strip at the edge for the bead and reinforce it by laying 3-4 strands of finrope right at the edge.  By the time I go to sand it the edge comes out clean, sharp and tuff.  

Kokua’s probably Sways resident glassing guru, listen to what he says, go back and read his posts, he’s the man.  I take my hat off to you Kokua.


I’ve never glassed a board how Everysurfer described and never even thought of doing it that way so I don’t have any experience in it.  To me the idea of making a ‘relief’ cut on the rail is in it’s self bad and subsiquently not having a lap for the last foot of your board would seem less strong.

I agree, have had best results just rounding the edge a little , sometimes you can just do it with the back of your fingernail before glassing or just use a light sanding block .

Then I build up the edge when doing the hotcoat with the tape sticking up a little past the edge whilst making sure I brush the resin right up against the small tape dam to make sure its a nice even bead for sanding later, does not hurt to have a bit too much resin you can always sand it down more!

Make sure your lap is wide enough so that it sticks down good, and holds the corner tight. And make sure you have a good, tight lam without a lot of excess resin.

The relief cut isn’t on the rail.  It is only on the curtain. 

When I do the hot coat, I still masking tape in the old way, creating a tiny dam to hold the resin.  But this way the cloth is out to the corner, not just a bead of resin.

But to each his own.  I’ve done it both ways, and I like this way better.

the curtain and a taped up resin bead…bang bang!!


As a beginner only a dozen boards in, I have found the above method to be the simplest and most effective. Learned about a light sanding of the tail area from a Mike Daniels post (hard block, one pass, light pressure). Taping just prior to hotcoat leaving about 1/8" tape dam above the tail, tape dam tapering to flush where you want the hard edge to end. Tape dam too high and you run the risk of pooling/wasting resin. As nocean says, make sure you brush the resin up against the entire length of the tape dam or else you will get annoying pits/gaps that you’ll have to dam and fill again.

    Howzit marsh, Thanks for the kind words but since I am retired from board building the torch must be passed on and there are other builders who have been at it longer than I was.I would say that Jim the Genius maybe the resident man now but there are a few others that could be the one Been trying to figure out how to explain it in words and just can't get it down and like I said it is so much easierto show than to explain. If this thread was done 5 years ago I would just have my room mate video me doing it and post that. Aloha,Kokua