Glassing help in NorCal

I’m working on my first board and plan on having the glassing done for me. I’d like to go volan, can anyone recommend a shop in NorCal?

Check with Neptune in Pacifica or maybe Paradise Fiberglass in Watsonville.

Dave, When you say ‘NorCal’, where exactly do you mean? Kirk

Mainly the Santa Cruz area, but I’ll go a little north or south, or even inland for that matter - if there are any in the bay area.

Don’t over look Ralph at “New Beginnings” He does a lot of Junos and all the Freeline work. He’s very careful and worth talking to. The Haut Shop (20,000 + boards has to say something)or Ross over at Santa Cruz Fiberglass (Doug Fletcher does much of the glass work there as is tops so they can’t be overlooked either. The glass work in all three shops is top notch. Good luck Dave.

I’m with Rich. Mike over in the Haut shop is one of the best in CA. in my book.